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  1. Jim Niemi

    Great Great Grandpa's Buffalo gun

    I read that wrong the first time I thought it said 1834 not 1854. This makes more sense now for time frame!!
  2. Jim Niemi

    Great Great Grandpa's Buffalo gun

    Looks like you have a Kentucky long Rifle. The gun has been re locked to a percussion cap (T. Davidson & Co 1850-53). And the barrel was made by H. Thomas. He came from Kentucky and was active before and after 1841. He moved to Kingman Illinois. My books do not have the date for this as the lock...
  3. Jim Niemi

    Gibson ES-335 Kit Guitar Build

    Sorry I haven’t been over to see it yet. But looking forward to it.
  4. Jim Niemi

    Big Guns

    Eyes and ears are a requirement for sure. I love my big bores but that 10ga I bought just hurts. Shot it 3 times and never again.
  5. Jim Niemi

    I'm baaaaaack!

    Welcome back Rodger. Long time no see. Last time we talked was in 2015 at Mr. Shivelys gathering.
  6. Jim Niemi

    Big Guns

    For sure. It is incredible. And how is Mr. Shively doing. Long time no see.
  7. Jim Niemi

    Big Guns

    That is Scott DeShields channel Kentucky Ballistics. He is a former Kentucky State Trooper. He is lucky to be alive. If you notice he wears shirts that say “put a thumb in it”, because his thumb literally saved his life after his 50 BMG exploded on him and lacerated his jugular. He has the video...
  8. Jim Niemi

    I am a lucky idiot

    Not a problem. Glad you still have your digits. One tooth is pushed back but I am going to straighten it back to normal put a new tooth on it and fix it. I will get these ran for you soon.
  9. Jim Niemi

    Inkbird Wifi Thermometer - 50% off coupon

    Thank you Darren! Just ordered one
  10. Jim Niemi

    Linda Keeble’s Ox tail Stew and Couscous

    Huh. That’s sad. Rob’s a good guy
  11. Jim Niemi

    Linda Keeble’s Ox tail Stew and Couscous

    Would like to thank Rob Keeble for sharing Linda’s recipe for her Oxtail stew. This has became a family favorite in our house. We use her recipe and use all organic ingredients and grass fed organic beef. But I also add morel mushrooms to this. With Robs permission I will share this recipe.
  12. Jim Niemi

    Anyone Recognize this emblem.

    Trying to figure out what this company name is
  13. Jim Niemi

    Sword Stand

    Okay, I need to build a Sword stand. This is for a Japanese Katana. The design will have the sword and scabbard displayed separate, with the curve side up (blade up) for good luck. Looking for plans are not working in my favor. I would like to make it craftsman style with Curly soft maple...
  14. Jim Niemi

    Saw mill

    So I will more than likely be buying this in the near future. Any one had any experience with this unit? Woodland Mills HM130. This will take a 30” log with a 22” max cut. I would love a wood mixer but don’t really need one. And comments or concerns?
  15. Jim Niemi

    Sketch up

    Where do I go to download Sketch up for Apple?
  16. Jim Niemi

    Looking for a Sawyer

    I have 18 logs here I need to have milled into useable lumber. I have found out that our normal sawyer has retired from sawing timbers.:( So I am looking for a sawyer with a woodmizer portable sawmill to mill these up for me. I am in SW Michigan. Any ideas?:huh: The logs are as follows. 2...
  17. Jim Niemi

    Saw Blades

    Safety tip....don't drop 450mm (18") saw blade in rubber mat....blade will bounce back....always have super glue on hand..... Yea this one is going to leave a mark.
  18. Jim Niemi

    Turf and Ag tires Hope this helps Rob
  19. Jim Niemi


    Well I have spent a total of $180.00. Did I do good?there is about 8-9 logs like this and a total of 14 logs. I have 1 22"x12' hidden on the left side also. They are cut at 8'6" to 12'. Will post pics after the woodmizer gets here. :)