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  1. Sharon Korn

    Hi John, just confirming your FB confirmation was from you. Scammers are everywhere, so I will...

    Hi John, just confirming your FB confirmation was from you. Scammers are everywhere, so I will be glad to help. Just need to know what I need to do. Thanks and hope all is well, Sharon
  2. Sharon Korn

    Happy Birthday John Pollman!

    Happy Birthday, John. Have a great one
  3. Sharon Korn

    Looks like I'm bacheloring again for a few days

    Glad Dianne is home. I know you will take good care of her. Prayers for both of you and for the medical team that will bring her through this.
  4. Sharon Korn

    We’ll that doesn’t look right

    I always use less than the machine tells me to. When that happens, I just run it a second time with no additives. Basically a big rinse session
  5. Sharon Korn

    Happy Birthday Jonathan Shively!

    Happy Birthday, Jon. Make it special :b-day_cake: :b-day_cake: :b-day: :b-day_cake: :b-day_cake:
  6. Sharon Korn

    Good thoughts for my friend Jerry

    Sorry to hear. Prayers for family and friends. The world needs more Jerrys in it.
  7. Sharon Korn

    Inspired and afraid and probably a confessional.

    I remember the day Brent said four of his internet wood working buddies were re-routing their road trip due to snow in Utah. My first reaction was "are you sure they are not axe murders on a killing spree?". A day later, they were on their way to the south and I had a freshly cleaned house...
  8. Sharon Korn

    possible future home - Not gonna happen

    If I were only 40 years younger. :unsure: Not sure what size of towns Chambers and Sanders are, but possibly use a renovated Hogan to rent out to a young couple at a great discount in exchange for labor they can spend some evening and weekend time to help with updating in between their day...
  9. Sharon Korn

    Happy Birthday Dave Hawksford!

    Happy Birthday, Dave. Have a great one. :b-day_cake: :b-day_cake: :b-day::b-day_cake::b-day_cake:
  10. Sharon Korn

    i'm back

    Welcome back Frank. Glad things are looking up
  11. Sharon Korn

    Bummer Weekend

    So very sorry, Bill. My condolences to you and family and friends.
  12. Sharon Korn

    Happy Birthday Don Baer!

    Happy Birthday, Don. Enjoy the day :b-day_cake::b-day_cake::b-day::b-day_cake::b-day_cake:
  13. Sharon Korn

    Burning Wood III (2021) - No pics, didn't happen

    So non attendees included Don Baer, Jim Burr, Brent Dowell and Sharon Korn. In spirit, Carol Reed also showed up with a CNC machine that magically appeared in Brent's shop. Maybe pics will follow to prove she was here in spirit. Fun time had by all.
  14. Sharon Korn

    Happy Birthday Sharon Korn!

    Thank you, everyone for the wonderful Birthday wishes. After two grueling days at the Peppermill (only came home with and extra $200), my friend surprising me with having Brent and his brother, Greg come down for lunch, pool time, etc. it has been a great week (not over yet). In fact, I am...
  15. Sharon Korn

    Another New Guitar in the Stable

    Vaughn, please quit putting ideas into Brent's brain. He already has about thirty stringed instruments :mad::D
  16. Sharon Korn

    A sad day at the Ellis homestead.

    So sorry, Chuck. Maggie Mae dug a hole in your heart. Some day, when you're ready, you will get a new fur baby that will start digging it's own hole. Some of the dirt will fall into Maggie Mae's covering up the sad times and the rest of the hole will still be there, but only holding the good...
  17. Sharon Korn

    Happy Birthday Rennie Heuer!

    HB2U :b-day:
  18. Sharon Korn

    Why did I automatically think of Brent When I say this ?

    Make sure your life insurance is up to date :cautious:
  19. Sharon Korn

    Covid-19 Injection

    I guess I am the "odd woman out" here (I said "odd", not "old", you geezers:rofl::rofl: :rofl: ). I am NOT an anti-vaxer (have gotten my regular flu gene therapy, shots for the last 20 years, well not this year due to obvious reasons). May be 15% conspiracy theorist, but that is not where I'm...
  20. Sharon Korn

    Happy Birthday Toni Ciuraneta!

    Happy BD, Toni. I know it will be special