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    Nice older table saws going for next to nothing

    Greetings, FWWers, I've been buying, rehabbing and trading up on woodworking equipment for forty years. In recent times, I've given up the effort, because the older Craftsman, Walker Turner, Delta, Atlas table saws which formed the backbone of the hobby have become essentially worthless. In...
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    100-year old Avey drill press - what fun!

    Even though I didn't need it, this hundred-year-old Avey was just too well-made to see it go for scrap. The three-speed Mopar transmission addition is interesting, but will have to go. It does give twelve speeds forward and four in reverse. 1. Found the patent info...
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    Unique Combination Machine - ever seen a Reypo?

    If you've been there, you'll understand why I just had to have this little jewel The fun thing about playing with machinery is I learn something new every day. Even though I already have a Delta lathe, a big table saw, six grinders and two drill presses, but I just had to have this baby to...