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  1. Toni Ciuraneta

    Pair of Dressers

    Sorry for being late at the party Glenn, and thanks for the burn out avoidance tip. Nothing else can be said that has not been said yet.
  2. Toni Ciuraneta

    It followed me home, can I keep it?

    Getting one of those old classic american cars with lots of chrome on the grill and voluptuos curves has been one the dreams of my youth. Congratulations and enjoy it!
  3. Toni Ciuraneta

    Just broke my plane!

    Yesterday, tidying up my shop I dropped my bedrock 607 plane :bang::bang::bang::pullhair::pullhair::pullhair: and it broke. See pics below. The way I see it there are several ways to deal with it. 1) Bury it in a deep pit with a very sad cerimony 2) Braze it and hope for the best 3) Electro...
  4. Toni Ciuraneta

    Happy Birthday Tom Niemi!

    Have a happy belated one Tom, I apologize for not being on time. :(
  5. Toni Ciuraneta

    Spam.... mmmmmm good

    During out Tour de Wood, I had the chance of tasting Spam for the first time, there must be some pics posted of that time. If I remember well I had it at Chuck's Rodeckor place. That was a great tour and met great friends everywhere. BTW. as far as I know the slang word spam to refer to unwanted...
  6. Toni Ciuraneta

    Question on cutting out router table plate insert

    I second that, I recall seeing somewhere, fixing four stripes of wood around the plate put upside down on the board where you need to make the recess, then follow them internally with a router with a bearing bit of the radius of the corners of the plate and set the depth equal to the thickness...
  7. Toni Ciuraneta

    Pair of Dressers

    Great job as always Glenn, and thanks a lot for the tips you share, I always learn something from you.
  8. Toni Ciuraneta

    Removing mold stains from hard maple?

    Thanks a lot Ryan. I’ll proceed as you suggest.
  9. Toni Ciuraneta

    Worksharp 3000 Sharpener

    I had the chance of trying one at Carol's place, and I think that it makes it more difficult for anyone to screw it up. Making a flat bevel on chisel using a grinder is quite difficult, the fact that in these you are in a way as if you where using the side of the wheel but in a more controled...
  10. Toni Ciuraneta

    Making Cool Stuff - with Glazing

    Cool videos Leo, I am replaying them as I do not want to miss any detail.
  11. Toni Ciuraneta

    Another functional 3d printer print

    When one cannot find spares, it is good to be able to make them! I'm curious to find out how strong it is or how long will it last, I have no idea about 3D printing materials although I know that you can use many different ones even metal.
  12. Toni Ciuraneta

    Is methods for deterring scorpions

    Sprinkling wood ashes around the area you want to block away from them and from other insects (ants, bugs etc) should work as the ashes stick to their hairs and bodys and prevents them to breath or climb anywhere. A different issue would be if they hide or have their nest within the area you...
  13. Toni Ciuraneta

    Happy Birthday steve ramsey!

    Sorry I missed it Steve. Have a happy belated one!
  14. Toni Ciuraneta

    9" Pecan Bowl

    I'm no turner but I do love contrasting wood and even more when the different colors are from the same piece. Good job!
  15. Toni Ciuraneta

    So are you all enjoying the time change....

    Funny ennough, I can't see the video... A message appears that reads that "the user who uploaded this video has blocked it in your country" (mine)
  16. Toni Ciuraneta

    So are you all enjoying the time change....

    Despite all comments we have to recognize that the guy who sold the idea to all those governments/nations was a pretty good salesman, ( or the goverments of that day and the subsequent ones are utterly stupid).
  17. Toni Ciuraneta

    Removing mold stains from hard maple?

    Hi guys. Some months ago my shop was flooded due to an extremely strong storm and a badly designed gutter. Luckily no tools or machines were damaged because they are all on casters and the water level was only 1.5 inches but most of the wood and wood parts that I had standing on the floor were...
  18. Toni Ciuraneta

    Caliper case

    After some time out of ww due to circumstance too long to explain here, I got back to my small CNC machine and made a case for my digital caliper. The live hinges of the original plastic one finally gave up so I attached a couple of small hinges with rivets but the result was not of my liking so...
  19. Toni Ciuraneta

    Street sign for new Neighbors

    Forget my post on your other post, I watched it before this one.
  20. Toni Ciuraneta

    MiniMax FS41 16 inch Jointer Planer for sale

    I wish your BIL lived in Spain Charlie... :cry: