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  1. Charlie Plesums

    I built a chair and a desk inspired by Pierre Jeanneret and Detjer

    Great job, but I have had to do so much repair on woven seats that I would use just about anything else.
  2. Charlie Plesums

    Boob Tube Help?

    We had to add the fire box to 3 of our 4 TVs, to allow us to subscribe to YouTube TV (the 4th TV supports Fire directly). The remote with the Fire TV adapter (so small it hardly counts as a "box") is FAR better than my son's Apple TV remote - at his house I would gladly add a fire adapter to...
  3. Charlie Plesums

    Auto trickle charger

    I ended up buying a "NexPeak 6-12 volt intelligent battery charger" from Amazon ( ). I wanted to connect it under the dash so it could live "inside" the car, but I couldn't find a place (lots of 12 volt places, but not room for a connection). I finally paid my mechanic...
  4. Charlie Plesums

    The reality of being old

    I'm not old either - just 81. My father, an immigrant living in a boarding house (private bedroom, shared other rooms) had a short wave radio and heard about Pearl Harbor before it was common news. He came downstairs and said "we are going to be at war." A single teacher living in the same...
  5. Charlie Plesums

    Auto trickle charger

    I have a very lightly used vehicle that I would like to put on a battery trickle charger. But when I want to use the vehicle, I don't want to mess under the hood. Is there any reason I could not attach the trickle charger to a cigarette lighter outlet in the car? The current would be 1-2...
  6. Charlie Plesums

    A question on liability

    An old topic reawakens. I no longer make children's furniture or bunk beds. My quilt chests are specifically not toy chests, but usually are built with soft close hinges (child proof hinges) and a strong enough bottom so a kid doesn't fall through if he climbs inside. I do not build anything...
  7. Charlie Plesums

    Some fun pictures

    She is an extraordinary photographer to boot. Morocco is great and often overlooked. Australia and New Zealand are also great but are not overlooked.
  8. Charlie Plesums

    MiniMax FS41 16 inch Jointer Planer for sale

    Sold and picked up by the buyer (today)
  9. Charlie Plesums

    MiniMax FS41 16 inch Jointer Planer for sale

    It is posted in the MiniMax owner's group.... I am one of the moderators! We never got to FOG, since he got an offer today that should be consummated at the beginning of the week.
  10. Charlie Plesums

    MiniMax FS41 16 inch Jointer Planer for sale

    His price of $6,000 OBO is getting soft... the new machine is on the way, and he doesn't have room for both. Now would be a good time to make an offer - Call Dr. Jim Ott in Decorah Iowa at 563-419-7803. This machine is in like-new condition, The price new is about $8,600, so he might be...
  11. Charlie Plesums

    MiniMax FS41 16 inch Jointer Planer for sale

    My Brother in Law, in Iowa, has a 16 inch jointer/planer, and is upgrading to a 20 inch (wow). His 16 inch unit has been well cared for and is in like-new condition. Therefore I suggest you consider this machine being offered at a bargain price (his new unit is on-the-way) For sale 16 inch...
  12. Charlie Plesums

    Powermatic Shaper

    The defective part finally arrived after more than a year waiting. My BIL already has a new shaper installed, and has committed to giving the Powermatic shaper to his brother, so the story is over - other than he will never buy another Powermatic machine (nor will I)
  13. Charlie Plesums

    Powermatic Shaper

    Jim got an estimate from a machine shop to repair the part for $500 or to make a new one for $1,000 but the machine shop is an hour away. He is so frustrated that the shaper may go to the dump. I hate to have that happen to an otherwise great machine. If you live near a machine shop or have...
  14. Charlie Plesums

    Powermatic Shaper

    The latest shipment of Powerematic parts did not include what he needed - my Brother in Law has now bought a different (MiniMax) shaper. Neither he nor I are expert in repairing mechanical things like a spindle holder. So he has a $5,000, 5 hp shaper that (in my opinion) is a great machine...
  15. Charlie Plesums

    Happy Birthday Dave Hawksford!

    Happy Birthday and best wishes for many more.
  16. Charlie Plesums

    Just Curious

    I have exactly the same problem with the middle finger of my right hand (wise crack is that it has had too much use). A hand doctor gave me a simple finger splint (probably charged Medicare $50 for it) that gently straightens the finger. I have evolved to wearing it all night, and in the...
  17. Charlie Plesums

    Powermatic Shaper

    Jim has the bearing. Apparently it mounts in a "spindle holder." It is the spindle holder that the dealer recommended replacing, which Powermatic is not shipping. I suspect it is a proprietary part, but is not available - it is coming up on a year of being out of service.
  18. Charlie Plesums

    Powermatic Shaper

    I have had a 5 hp Powermatic Shaper for well over 10 years, and love it. My Brother-in-law got one just like mine 10 years ago. The bearing went out. His local Powermatic expert tried to install the new bearing and recommended replacing the spindle holder. That was last fall. The $100 part...
  19. Charlie Plesums

    Carbide Tersa Knives

    My BIL is looking at possibly getting Carbide Tersa knives from Their prices are far lower than the competition. I have not personally bought from them. Are they a reputable company? How can they sell at half the price of the competition.