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  1. Darren Wright

    Instant Pot

    I will chunk it up next time. I cooked for 90 minutes the first time, each time I'd pull it out I'd pull off a little, then put it back in for another 30 minutes. The last of it was falling apart in the cooker, had to use a spoon with a strainer to get the last of it out.
  2. Darren Wright

    5' x 5' CNC Router Build

    Due to weather, some deliveries of part were delayed, so holding off on starting wiring of the controller board until I have everything to layout with. I did get the board mounted in the cabinet and all of the power supply brackets installed, sorry, no pics. I also picked up some 10/3 cable...
  3. Darren Wright

    Instant Pot

    I'd say this is a win, not the same as a smoker version, but still pretty darned good. Took about 3 hours for a full bone-in pork butt/shoulder.
  4. Darren Wright

    Any ideas?

    Nice looking piece Dale. I'm going to guess as a in/out box organizer, but could be used for a lot of things. What kind of wood is it?
  5. Darren Wright

    Instant Pot

    Looks like 2.5 - 3 hours for a whole pulled pork, but still less than 12 on the smoker. Dunno about better, but still smelling pretty darned good.
  6. Darren Wright

    Instant Pot

    I threw in a pork butt tonight with a sauted onion, garlic, and then a couple cups of chicken broth. Topped off with some brown sugar and BBQ rub. The butt was in a salt/sugar brine overnight. It smells wonderful. Supposed to make pulled pork in an hour. Pics to follow.
  7. Darren Wright

    Plane Till_Tool Holder

    Looks really nice Tom. My til project only made it so far, then started a re-org of cabinetry in the shop. I had enough drawers and not so many planes, so they ended up in one of the new cabinets instead.
  8. Darren Wright

    Round A&C Table

    Love the details, looking good!
  9. Darren Wright

    Quick Search

    We've added a plugin that allows searching of a subforum. If you click on the forums link above, then click one of the forums there is a Quick Search field that allows you to search threads in that forum easily.
  10. Darren Wright

    Cherry Lidded Pot

    So Chas, Do you typically try to make the thickness of the veneers the same width as the saw kerf used to cut the segments? Or is the veneer width calculated into your cut out plan from the beginning?
  11. Darren Wright

    Use of MDO in painted cabinet

    Interesting material, I've seen mdf core with wood face, but not that way.
  12. Darren Wright

    5' x 5' CNC Router Build

    I stopped off at the blue Borg today and grabbed some spray contact cement and a thin sheet of aluminum. The aluminum was rough cut to size and glued to a piece of 1/2 baltic birch plywood, rolled, and the edges then cleaned up with a pattern bit in the router. I'm starting some of the...
  13. Darren Wright

    Sharpening a card scraper - Using the Arno Burnisher

    @Ted Calver Looks like I linked the wrong model, they have a sharpener too, I've updated the link to this one, it's about $15 more...
  14. Darren Wright

    Sharpening a card scraper - Using the Arno Burnisher

    Well, I've had no real experience with other burnishers, so I can't say that it's better or worse than others. I can say the scraper was functional on my first attempt, and the others were better. I mostly wanted to explain how this specific burnisher worked since most of the video reviews I saw...
  15. Darren Wright

    Cherry Lidded Pot

    Nothing short of exceptional, nice work Chas! :thumb:
  16. Darren Wright

    The Plinth Saga

    Looking good! :thumb:
  17. Darren Wright

    New tool box

    Very nice Don, should be a welcomed addition. :thumb: I've got two of those of the Home Depot flavor. Mine are the same drawer configuration, but didn't come with any drawer liners. I like having those up on wheels, it makes it easy to move and clean around.
  18. Darren Wright

    Sharpening a card scraper - Using the Arno Burnisher

    This morning I went to the local guild to take a class on card scraper sharpening. The class included 3 new different shaped card scrapers and the Arno Burnisher (Carbur2 model). @glenn bradley's post on the subject has been my go-to. But for a burnisher, I've mostly used an old nail set punch...
  19. Darren Wright

    The time has come!!!

    Day 1...Sleep in....:D Maybe you did, but 8 am is early for me. .;)
  20. Darren Wright

    New Project Started

    Wow! That's going to be one beautiful box.