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  1. Ted Calver

    Some Work in Progress

    For the past four months I've been helping my son-in-law, Tim, who is a stained glass artist, with a big project to remove and rebuild some stained glass panels from the Oklahoma State Capitol. The project involves over 300 panels and I've posted pictures of some of that on-going activity on...
  2. Ted Calver

    Playing in the Big Boy Shop

    My son in law, Tim does some CNC programming for a friend who owns what has to be a dream shop. When we needed some rough cut lumber prepped I tagged along and got to play with some of the toys. I don't have the specs on the tools, but they were pretty cool. See for yourself: , , , , ,
  3. Ted Calver


    On my head. Just showing off an early fathers day gift from my daughter and her hubby. Hand crafted, 100% (100x) beaver fur felt by the folks at Shorty's Hattery down in the OKC stockyards. Love it!!
  4. Ted Calver

    Walnut Bowl

    This is the first one from the stack of rough-outs up in the attic. 7" diameter and 4.5" high....a nice little salad, popcorn, or Reese's Pieces bowl. Finish is Doctor's WoodShop Walnut oil, let dry, then topped with a paste of the same oil mixed with beeswax. (Sitting on the shed to keep the...
  5. Ted Calver

    Down Draft Table for Sanding Dust

    Anyone have experience building a downdraft table to collect sanding dust? I have a project coming where I need to do some very dusty work on a lot of panels that are 20" x40" and am thinking a downdraft table might do the trick. The dust will be the equivalent of drywall dust. Was considering...
  6. Ted Calver

    Caribou Mount

    Talk about procrastination. Finally got around to making a plaque for the caribou antlers I've been hauling around since the early '70s. Back then, we had plenty of king crab, razor clams, salmon and caribou hot dogs on the menu at our house. The rack is nothing special, but holds some good...
  7. Ted Calver

    Thanks Kerry!

    Inspired by Kerry Burton's Christmas gift exchange project (post 113 &117), I started out to make some New Years Eve noisemakers in time for the actual event. Procrastination prevailed and nothing got done until yesterday, which will make them perfect for the next NYE. Took a while to get the...
  8. Ted Calver

    An Interesting Archery Project

    Saw this on another site and thought it was really cool. A repeating multi-shot bow! What do you think, Larry?
  9. Ted Calver

    The Knapp, or Cove and Pin Joint

    Any reason a small CNC couldn't make this type of joint if the rails extended to allow working the end grain portion? I've always like the look of the joint and it seems pretty sturdy.
  10. Ted Calver

    Drawknife/shave Sharpening

    A neighbor gifted me with a draw shave similar to this one. It shows very little use and the rust on the bevel buffed off easily. The bevel is hollow ground and the steel appears hardened (file skates), but it looks like someone has filed a bevel on the back of the blade. I was always under...
  11. Ted Calver

    Amazon Prime Discount for Veterans and Active Duty Military

    Saw this on another site and thought it might work for some of us.
  12. Ted Calver

    Chainsaw Milling

    Finally got around to the cherry log my neighbor gifted me. I didn't have an aluminum ladder or any straight lumber to use as a guide for the new Granberg chainsaw mill, so I cobbled together a guide using the frame from my router planer sled with some added Harbor Freight trailer jacks. The...
  13. Ted Calver

    Happy Thanksgiving

    To our Canadian friends!! Hope your day is full of good food, tasty beverages and the company of friends and family!:beer:
  14. Ted Calver

    Wood Storage Project

    The walnut I got from Larry kind of stressed my wood storage capacity so I figured an overhaul was in order. My usual method of just leaning the boards against the wall was beginning to encroach into the walk space and threatening an avalanche whenever looking for a particular piece, plus it...
  15. Ted Calver

    Night Life in the Garden

    Noticed something was visiting the garden over night and put out the game cam. No Chupacabras...yet, but plenty of other creatures. Wondered where the overripe figs that dropped to the ground were disappearing to, so I set out some bait and captured some of the culprits:D Night life is really...
  16. Ted Calver

    Tom Baugues - Happy Birthday!!

    Hope it's been a memorable day, Tom!:b-day_cake::b-day::b-day_cake:
  17. Ted Calver

    Happy Birthday Dave Hoskins!

    It looks like we let this one slip by us, but wishing you a belated Happy Birthday. Hope it was a great one. :b-day_cake::b-day::b-day_cake:
  18. Ted Calver

    Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain....

    Weather people are going crazy over this latest storm here near Oklahoma City and even the natives are restless. Predicting the possibility of softball sized hail. We managed to get four vehicles garaged, but still have two left outside. My son-in-law, grandson and I managed to MacGyver...
  19. Ted Calver

    More CNC Envy

    Had occasion to visit the new shop of a gentleman my son in law has been working with. Some serious equipment going in. This CNC is the first piece installed. Right next to it are the taped spots on the floor where the separate new 20"?? Martin jointer and planer will be installed later this...
  20. Ted Calver

    Just Bragging

    We got to watch our grandson be inducted as an Eagle Scout last night in a very nice ceremony. He's the first in our family and we couldn't be prouder. My scout troop folded before I got very far, but the experience got me started in the outdoor life.