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  1. Don Baer

    Dremel clone

    I been looking for something to use to cut off the tabs and do clean up on parts machined on the CNC and found this one at Harbor freight. Not bad for for $25 the Dremel equal is $89.
  2. Don Baer

    How would you make this

    I started out with the intent of just doing the submarine half hull but after a few suggested it i convinced my self that I wanted to make the whole hull so now I have the design complete I am ready to make some chips but I am running into a bit of a snag. If I make the two halves out of the...
  3. Don Baer

    113 degrees

    Way too hot for the shop Church canceled because of the virus Nothing to watch on the tube Soooooo spending a lot of time learning Fusion 360.
  4. Don Baer

    Lo Carb. muffins

    In my effort to continue on my Keto I have been playing around with various recipies using Almond flour. This is one of my favorites. 4 eggs - I use 1 cup of egg beaters to make it lo cholesterol 1/4 cup oil - I use EVOO 1/2 tsp kosher salt 1 table spoon baking powder 1 cup almond flour bake...
  5. Don Baer

    using the Lofting and Shell commands in Fusion to create a funnel.

    Sketch up users are familiar with the push/pull tool, in Fusion it is called extrusion. Basically what you do is take a 2d drawing extrude it into the third planes some would call it 2 1/2 D. In Fusion there is another more power full tool called lofting. It allows to two extrude between two...
  6. Don Baer

    Creating a scaled drawing from a JPEG using Fusion 360

    In the following I will show how I create a scaled drawing from a picture in Fusion 360. In my case it will be a scaled drawing but you could use actual size dimension if that is what you need. I needed to do this to create a 3 d model of the submarine hull I am working on. The only known...
  7. Don Baer

    Rotary Axis

    As I dive further into this abyss I am looking at buying a rotary axis for the CNC as the next major upgrade. I can see that in doing the submarine hulls and other projects it might be a desirable addition. I am also thinking that when not in use on the CNC I might want to use it on a future...
  8. Don Baer

    shop camera question ?

    I am comfortable with letting my CNC run in the shop non airconditioned and going back to my office which is air conditioned and working on other projects. I am in the habit of getting up every 10 or 15 minutes and going out to check on it. I would like to add a camera to my home network so I...
  9. Don Baer

    Some people have way to much time on their hands...I Want one
  10. Don Baer

    Not really a big deal but kinda nice.

    I knew I had to flatten and level the spoil board on the CNC so I ordered a 2 " mill to do the job. It came in yesterday. After seeing Darrens and not wanting to have the machine marks on mine (OK maybe I'm being picky) I decided to sand it down. I stopped by Harbor freight and for $10 I picked...
  11. Don Baer

    Submarine half Hull - USS Nathan Hale SSBN 623

    I have always wanted a model of the submarine I served on. It was part of the original 41 Fleet ballistic missile submarines known as the "41 for Freedom". They were named after Freedom fighters. The first one was the George Washington. As the submarines were built they kept improving the...
  12. Don Baer

    another sculpting feature of F 360

    another useful tool in Fusion is the loft feature. With this command you can connect together to separate closed body sketches in different planes. I am planning on making a half hull carving of the submarine I served on. To do this I will made a series of closed arcs of different dimensions at...
  13. Don Baer

    sculpting in F 360

    In another thread Darrin mentioned wanting to do sculpting in a cad program. I am going to show one way it can be done in F360. I will start out using a simple cube that I have already created. next I will open a second sketch and and put a profile on one face of the cube. for demo purposes I...
  14. Don Baer

    Fillet and Offset in F 360

    As implied this will be about two basic operations that I find useful in modeling wit Fusion. First is called filet and the other is called offset. First I will start but creating a new design. For this model I will use the x and Y plane and be looking at the design from the top down. Next I...
  15. Don Baer

    I continue to be impressed with Fusion 360

    The more I learn about Fusion 360 the more impressed I become with this software. I have decided that if possible I will spend at least a half hour every day to learn a new skill with this software. I will from time to time publish something here to share with others some of what I have learned...
  16. Don Baer

    Keto Diet

    Well I stopped smoking and the pounds kept on pilling on until it got way out of hand. I tried counting calories and had little success I was able to loose about 15 pounds but that was all even when going to the gym 3 day a week. several on here had been doing the Keto thing so Last june I put...
  17. Don Baer

    New design dust Boot Version 8

    Well after several (7) attempts to get a working dust boot that doesn't go up and down with the spindle I have given up and gone to one that is attached to the z Axis. For now it consists of three plates the top plate connect the vacuum hose adapter to the boot and has an 85 mm hole to...
  18. Don Baer

    and for todays lesson

    1) Decimals are important.... while running a part today I noticed the machine running quit a bit faster than I was planning on running the part. I looked up at my feed rate on the display and it said 5000 FPM.. :oops: Good thing I set the max at 500 so I looked at my set up sheet and...
  19. Don Baer

    Lessons for today

    1) Always check material thickness prior to machining it. 2) 3/4" Baltic Birch is not 3/4 inch thick..... see lesson 1