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  1. Don Baer

    pop up tent/canopy

    yup that's the one I am looking at. I don't relish the idea of putting it up when it 110+ degrees so It may wait until winter. Maybe get it as a Christmas
  2. Don Baer

    pop up tent/canopy

    I have a 10x20 slab outside the back of my shop and I'm looking at the 10x17 from harbor freight for that. The inside near the house I and use water jugs and the outside I can stake it to the ground that would effectively make my 10x20 shop a 10x37. I can't think of a better way to double my...
  3. Don Baer

    pop up tent/canopy

    Harbor freight....
  4. Don Baer

    I treated myself to a new TS.

    Looks great....enjoy
  5. Don Baer

    Friday 7Aug20

    No shop time this week end, temps still in the teens, I was hoping that my Gym would re open but not yet, Our Church is starting to have services so I'll go to mass on Sunday morning. Other than that same'o same'o.
  6. Don Baer

    Electrical Plugs, not just funny faces.

    I went with the L14-30, I only have 2 in the shop. That's what I put in when I wired it 13 years ago. My emergency generator had them and I wanted to keep everything the same, Even the CNC is on one, although it would be fine with a 20 amp, that what the service in the shop is set up and I...
  7. Don Baer

    Circuit Board Design

    Don't think that was a factor since the chances of falling overboard are very very Probably just due to the fact that there aren't that many billets for radio operators on subs.
  8. Don Baer

    Circuit Board Design

    Chuck, I joined the Navy in 1966 at the ripe old age of 18 and we used tubes, transistors and magnetic amplifiers. Being in the Navy and on board one of the most advanced weapons system in the world (An FBM submarine) I worked on some of the most sophisticated electronic circuits in the...
  9. Don Baer

    Knitting Needle Box from wood Part 2

    and that came from an old pallet.... I guess it's like making a silk purse out of a sows ear. Very cool
  10. Don Baer

    A Shaker Oval Box

    Dave I never said you couldn't do 3D print design in SU all I said is That I and many others have found that the ability to take those designs to either a cam software for CNC or to a printer much easier. Less hoops to junp through. Paul McWorter states it much better than me in his free...
  11. Don Baer

    Latest Attempt with SU Cloud

    Glenn I too was turned off by the cloud version. I was also hesitant to take the time to learn Fusion but I discovered that I could save m drawing from fusion on my computer and that made it OK, the program is still cloud based but at least my files are kept where I know they are safe. I wonder...
  12. Don Baer

    Circuit Board Design

    I'm not say'n I'm old but I worked on tube amplifier I even did some work with magnetic amplifiers in the 60's. Then transistors were a god send and TTL logic is how we built 'Computers" there was no "CPU". Hell the first IC I worked with was the venerable LM 741. My first CPU was the motorola...
  13. Don Baer

    Circuit Board Design

    sure beats back in the day (70's) when I had to put black drafting tape on clear Mylar then do a photo mask followed by acid etching and then manual drill then holes, plated through holes were another fun thing for double sided. Guess I am showing my age. So I guess no one bothers with doing...
  14. Don Baer

    Greenhouse build

    Discovery Channel has a series called "homestead Rescue" and they seem to do a lot of green houses and some in some pretty severe temperature area and one of the things they often due us create a heat storage bank by burying rock and circulating the air onto the rocks during the day an d...
  15. Don Baer

    I treated myself to a new TS.

    good for you you will find it much easier to get things done.
  16. Don Baer

    Fried chicken for lunch

    you wont find any of that round here, maybe up in the high country.
  17. Don Baer

    Friday 31Jul20

    I worked from a home office for the last 35 years of my career working for corporate america, the last 20 working for a fortune 100 company and now with my business my office is in my home.
  18. Don Baer

    California, Karen Fire and Meatloaf

    Picture posted by the daughter of some friends of mine. They live in Baumont.
  19. Don Baer

    California, Karen Fire and Meatloaf

    These pictures remind me of when I lived out there. We had a few of those when I lived in Alta Loma. One of the many reason why I am glad I left the state 14 tears ago.
  20. Don Baer

    Bleaching cedar wardrobe cabinet

    Just a note, Starr, I visited the church where I did the commission and the Dove and communion Host are still as white as paper 10 years later. Oh and welcome to the forum. Please post picture of some of you work and also this project as you do it, we like pictures so feel free to share.