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  1. Leo Voisine

    Done and GONE

    Well - FINALLY - the big sign is finished. 6 strong guys came today and took it away.
  2. Leo Voisine

    OK - These must GO - end of the line

    First time I sorted the things, it broke my heart. They were taking up precious space. They had been stored a long time. I sorted, kept a lot and gave a lot away. Pretty sure this is the third time. I don't remember the last time I sorted but they have been in box on shelf WAY WAY WAY...
  3. Leo Voisine

    Friday 7Aug20

    Spent all day today cleaning up the shop.
  4. Leo Voisine

    Friday 7Aug20

    WOW - big sign is done. Now, I don't know what to do with myself ----- I am sure, that feeling will go away REALLY fast.
  5. Leo Voisine

    Hurrycane Isahias

    I am jst playing around with my camera. I used my Canon 90D on 4K 120 FPS to get a little footage of Hurrycane Isiais as it was coming into my little town. The view in from East Rodney French Blvd looking toward Fairhaven and out into Buzzards Bay. The video was recorded with no sound, so I...
  6. Leo Voisine

    I treated myself to a new TS.

    The money saved will more than pay for that beautiful saw.
  7. Leo Voisine

    Happy Birthday Bill Arnold!

    Bill - Wishing you the mostest happiest birthday ever.
  8. Leo Voisine

    For The Engineering Types

    Inside a 3 jaw chuck there is a threaded plate. On the jaws there is a thread that mates with the start on the threaded plate. Putting #1 into #3, then #2 into #1 then #3 into #2 locations will cause the jaws to close in an odd pattern and not clamp properly. Now, would is be OK to put #1...
  9. Leo Voisine

    Quick garden update

    Looks more like a mini farm. Your garden about 10 times larger than my postage stamp sized garden. Lots of bugs and critters. YES, the life of gardening. Fortunately the farm stand is not too far away. Even still, there's nothing like getting fresh stuff from our very own garden.
  10. Leo Voisine

    Friday 31Jul20

    Painting the big sign tenent inserts.
  11. Leo Voisine

    Hydroponic Garden - UPDATE 29JUL20

    I set up my "traditional" garden this year after not planting it for at least 5-6 years. I expected it to be poor but instead it is doing OK. Except for the excessive heat and intense sun. The sun and heat have been taking a toll on the plants. Fortunately it gets shaded starting about 3...
  12. Leo Voisine

    big sign update

    I have been working on the Constant Velocity settings in Mach3. Depending on the settings the corners can get rounded. I did some testing and was able to get my cutting speed up to 350 IPM with a bit of compromise on "some" of the corners but most were good. At 500 IPM same thing but more of...
  13. Leo Voisine

    big sign update

    Be glad when it's done. I spend the day today, painting the base sign, and prepping the signfoam inserts for painting. Tomorrow I will start getting the signfoam set up and begin painting.
  14. Leo Voisine

    Chevy Sign

    Looks good.
  15. Leo Voisine

    Hydroponic Garden - UPDATE 29JUL20

    mee too How does your garden grow Bill?
  16. Leo Voisine

    big sign update

    Sorry I have not done progress pics. Just been so busy lately. Anyway, this is where I am up to. Should be done in a week or so.
  17. Leo Voisine

    is this the worst season for bugs?

    FLYS - worst I have seen in many years, if ever. I also do NOT like this HOT weather. High 80's to almost 100 with humidity from 50% (not too bad) up into the 70's to 90's most of the time. All I can say it ---- Cheer up, October is coming.
  18. Leo Voisine

    Dust Collection Likes and Dislikes

    I discovered yesterday that my main connection to the DC was almost all the way diaconnected. WOW what a difference THAT made.
  19. Leo Voisine

    Friday 24Jul20

    Still working on the big sign - getting closer to completion
  20. Leo Voisine

    Ye old shop

    Cool shop. Looks like you have everything you need in there. It is amazingly clean and dust free.