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  1. David Johnson

    Happy Birthday Jay Caughron!

    Happy birthday Jay. Enjoy the day and lots more. David
  2. David Johnson

    Diablo ................

    Nice. Those should just fly out the door. David
  3. David Johnson

    Food PREP

    In the past e did a of of canning and freezing but now with just 2 of us it is more cost efficient to just buy what we need. Few things we still preserve but this year as noted lids aeon short supply. Luckily we had enough to put up our stuff. David
  4. David Johnson

    Significant changes to Medicare in 2021

    Don thanks for the update. Although it does not affect me, the insurance is a big quagmire. Any knowledgeable source is welcome. David
  5. David Johnson

    Segmented Centerpiece Bowl

    Very pretty. That will hold a bunch of Post Toasties. It will make a statement as a center piece. David
  6. David Johnson

    Island epoxy river top fabrication commences.

    Dust collection? Hooked to router? I don't have much luck in my use. Still I love that rig better than what I build. David
  7. David Johnson

    Island epoxy river top fabrication commences.

    Slabs held down with screws or double faced tape? Or wedged? David
  8. David Johnson

    The Cottage Bed

    That is just lovely. David
  9. David Johnson

    Friday ....

    To dry to mow this week. Grass didn't grow from last week. Moved that time in a dust bowl. Very droughty here. Do some ham watering today just to keep flowers and such alive. Nothing special planned for weekend just go with the flow. Everyone have a safe and healthy weekend. Stay healthy...
  10. David Johnson

    Basement man cave bar

    Wow that is great. The top is nice also. David
  11. David Johnson

    8 Sided Segmented Dish

    Nice plate. Yes you set the bar high. Glad I don't turn. Maybe I should. David
  12. David Johnson

    Wolf .............

    Oh yeah!!! David
  13. David Johnson

    Another Thing I Was Playing With - And It Sold 3 hours after listing it.

    Looks nice. Right or wrong it sold and that's the end goal. David
  14. David Johnson

    Happy Birthday Jonathan Shively!

    Enjoy the birthday and lots more. David
  15. David Johnson

    Happy Birthday Chuck Ellis!

    Happy Happy birthday. Have a lot more. David
  16. David Johnson

    Friday 18Sep20

    Better mow today. Looking a little shaggy. Don't know why it hasn't rained in awhile so pretty dry. May mess in shop a bit but no projects in the works. I still say everyone have a safe and healthy weekend. Wishing the best to all. David
  17. David Johnson

    Basement man cave bar

    Ohhhh I like. Great going. David
  18. David Johnson

    Maybe I am a Curmudgeon

    Started wearing seat belts in 1970 Mercury. It was a big boat and really rode the waves. Put on the belt to stay behind the wheel. Since then it's just habit. In Wally world did see fellow come unglued when someone questioned lack of mask. He was an American and by golly he could do as he...
  19. David Johnson

    Portable but heavy tablesaw

    Yes does work. Had that type of platform on my first saw. It was a small saw so build accordingly. David