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  1. randy street

    Woodworking in Bali

    I was in Jakarta, Indonesia the week before Christmas and we made a side trip to Bali for a couple days. It was nice relaxing and warm!! Temperatures we in the 90's unlike the 20's we've got going on here now. :(:( The last day there we made a side trip and I found a local place making some...
  2. randy street

    Wine bottle holder

    I got this from Wood magazine. The wood is Figured Maple. I really like the figure in this. I'm going to give this along with the cutting board I made to my good friend. Thanks for looking. Comments and critique are welcomed and needed. Randy
  3. randy street

    Cutting Board

    I borrowed a design from Vaughn and made this for my good friend. The wood is Maple, Walnut and Cherry. My first end grain board. Hopefully he likes it. I ran out of time to make the finger slots on the ends. Since Ive never done those I want to practice some. He fly's back to Oklahoma City this...
  4. randy street

    A couple mallet's

    I wanted to do these for a while, finally got them finished up. 3 are from ShopNotes #2, Joiners Mallet. Each end is filled with lead split shot weights. From left to right Ipe, Bubigna and Bloodwood. I also had a piece of persimmon and made one from it. All the handles are made of hickory...
  5. randy street

    It was fun while it lasted...

    All of about 30 seconds after I put in the splines. Oh well, it really looked nice, bloodwood head and a hickory handle. I think I'll actually let the glue dry over night next time, lesson learned. Good thing I hadnt glued the leather on the face. Randy
  6. randy street

    Kids Table & Chairs

    Here is the first project out of the shop. the wife wanted a table and chairs for the kids. Made it from red oak, finished with 3 coats of Watco Danish Oil and 4 coats of satin poly. I had a couple stair treads that I used for the table top. It should hopefully withstand their abuse. The table...
  7. randy street

    New Years Cleanup

    Ive been neglating my table saw top, so i decided to take care of it today. I had done a glueup and some of it leaked through onto the top in a couple spots and made a few rust areas. I thought I was taking better care of the top but apparently not. I used my little find from Lowes with a...
  8. randy street

    Bosch 1276DVS Belt Sander - Chicago Area

    4" x 24" Variable-Speed Belt Sander. New never used. I removed it from the box and put it on the shelf. $200 includes shiping. Pay Pal only please. Randy
  9. randy street

    Digital Camera

    Looking for some advice on getting a new camera. We currently have an Kodak 5 megapixel. I would like to upgrade this to something more current in the 8 to 10 megapixel range. It would be used 95% of the time by my wife. who uses it to take pictures of the kids, ie.. soccer games and around the...
  10. randy street

    For the dog lovers

    Saw this on Woodnet Link Randy
  11. randy street

    I think everybody needs to buy 10 of these

    EBAY Link Something looks a little fishy here. Randy
  12. randy street

    Yet another clamp deal #2

    Rockler now has 2 sizes of Jet F-Clamps on sale 6" - 2 for $5.98 36" - 2 for $7.98 Free shipping code - V9713 ROCKLER LINK Randy
  13. randy street

    Yet another clamp deal

    Checking out the Rockler website they have Jet Doubleheader Y-Shaped Clamps on sale. 12" - $5.49 Regularly $10.99 24" - $6.49 Regularly $12.99 36" - $7.99 Regularly $15.99 So I stopped by at lunch and picked up 4 each of the 12" and 24". They were regular price at the store but they sold them...
  14. randy street

    Seeing Multi Pages At One Time

    Is there a option to see more than one page of postings at a time? I visit Woodnet also and they have an option that you can see single pages or all the post at one time. I like this feature just to get a flow for the entire postings without changing pages. Kinda of lazy, I know. I can find an...
  15. randy street

    Blade Runner

    If you have a lot of sheetrock to hang, this looks like a pretty cool tool. BLADE RUNNER LINK Randy
  16. randy street

    Johnson Automobile Badger Commercials

    Don't know if these have been posted before, but they are hilarious. YouTube Link Randy
  17. randy street

    Lowes Bessey Deal

    Some deals still exist on the old k-body's. The Lowe's by me moved their old k-body's to the clearance rack a couple weeks ago when the Revo's arrived. They had some 40's and 24's marked down, $26.99 for the 40's and $19.99 for the 24's. I asked if there was anything extra special they would...
  18. randy street


    Just got back from a week in China, its my 3rd time there. I get amazed each time with something different. Spent most of the week in Shanghai, it was cloudy most of the time as typhoon Sinlaku was forcing lots of clouds in. Western influence is becoming more evident, lots of KFC, McDonalds...
  19. randy street


    It's time to get a decent jointer, I have a little 4" Grizzly that's to small to do anything. Does anybody have any experience with either of these? Ridgid 6" JP0610 Jet 6" JJ-6OS They are both similar in price, just below $400. I would like an 8" but they are currently a little out of...
  20. randy street

    Belt Driven Grinder

    I stopped at the flea market and found this for $20. I'm not sure what I'll do with it but I figured for that price I couldn't go wrong. Randy