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    Is Tom Clark still alive and selling his book?

    Gave away my copy years ago, assuming I would be able to get another. Life happened and I haven't really had shop time, due to work (others medical). Now a relative is asking me about it, and I need to get a couple. Anyone have the address for him? Thanks
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    Phone/tablet apps you use

    The board feet question got me wondering, are there apps you use on your phone or tablet? I picked up my first "smart" phone, which is a inexpensive, prepaid model that will expire in less then a month on time. I only bought it due to one app that was only available for smartphone or tablet...
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    FAQ's, shooting muffs and cleaning recommendations (cleaner/oil).

    I tried to find the rules you see when you register, under the FAQ's, but I didn't see them. So I did a search as some forums don't allow firearms in any discussions (and my first search turned up testy stuff about a joke). Then I found several others, so I expect this thread won't violate any...
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    Possible site issue

    Seeing something new today. When I click on new posts, I am seeing Results 1 to 23 of 24 but no next page or way to get to number 24. I haven't adjusted any settings in my profile or on my computer but don't know if some site update affected anything in my profile, either.:huh:
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    My new old bandsaw

    That looks newer to me. One might be able to put on a riser kit, as compared to the old iron I keep looking/wishing at: :rofl: I think you can find parts still for yours!
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    School workbench tops, anyone modify them?

    A few years back, when a school closed down, a couple of friends bought several items, including the benchtops from the woodworking shop. (think the locker bases were scrapped) I was given one of these and have been wondering about putting dog holes into it or if I should build another bench...
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    REALLY basic turning question (haven't found an answer yet).

    When do you use carbide tools and when do you use HSS tools? I've been looking for an explanation, wondering if carbide turning tools, are similar in nature to how everyone used to use steel blades, and then carbide blades took over? Or are they more of a specialty tool (hold up to rough...
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    Link belts for the lathe, do you use them?

    I hope to build the lathe stand today (found a design I liked, that could be put out of the way). I may go with a different one later (as the shop gets reorgainized. The belt that came with the lathe, is a typical 4L belt, but too short for my needs (won't know needed size until built). I was...
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    Be careful what you wish for! Seeking advice.

    So a week ago, I saw a small, pen turning type of lathe at a damaged freight store (Penn State from memory) that I wasn't sure the price was good. I've never been a turner (access), and I don't understand the bowl thing, but appreciated some spindle stuff and mostly tool handles. So it hit me...
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    Nix based cutlist type software?

    Cutlist seems to be the only piece of software, that keeps me on Windows. I have tried Cutlist under Wine, and it doesn't work (won't render). Have any of you found one that works under Linux or Unix? What do you Mac users use (I want to see if it has a unix port)? Anyone here tried Cutlist...
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    Delphi Cutlist question.

    Cutlist shows a number of solutions, but I cannot seem to find a key combination to scroll through the various ones. (this is not Cutlist Plus, which is a different animal) Anyone know how to do that? Thanks