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  1. Steve Ash

    Anyone do laser engraving?

    I need to have some (for lack of correct wording?) laser engraving done and would like to see if anyone on this forum can do this?
  2. Steve Ash

    What's it worth????

    I have this Oliver lathe I went through about 8 years ago, re-painted it, had the electric motor gone through, put casters on it for mobility. I haven't used it in about 6 years and would rather see someone use it and appreciate it rather than sitting in the back of my shop collecting dust...
  3. Steve Ash

    The Ambassador and I

    It's been a few years since I've been home long enough for visiting, so things worked out after several attempts Larry and his bride (Randi) came over and we had a few beers. As always, pictures are required for proof so my wife (Judy) snapped a picture of us with my grandson Aiden. Seemed nice...
  4. Steve Ash

    Merry Christmas

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, I hope it is a great one and you are able to spend it with those you love. Looking forward to a happy 2013! Best wishes to you all!
  5. Steve Ash

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, I know I have a lot to be thankful for as I'm sure you do too. Enjoy good food and time with your family and loved ones.
  6. Steve Ash

    New boat.....

    Back in 1994 I bought a new Sylvan 16' wife and kids love to fish so it was a great new purchase for the Ash family.....3 years later I was forced to sell this "new" boat to come up with quick cash to buy the current 30 acres I reside.....I really hated to sell that boat and made a...
  7. Steve Ash


    I just wanted to gloat a bit....I am headed to Minnesota walleye fishing! ....we were gonna head out tomorrow evening/friday morning.....but the better half seems to be having some kidney stone complications. :( So, the doctor (also a avid fisherman) didn't want to see a good walleye trip go...
  8. Steve Ash

    Tiger Maple

    It's been a couple years since I have done anything woodworking real busy fixing up the damages of a hailstorm that hit here. :D But.....I recently was up in the U.P. doing some building when a friend gave me a hunk (4" x 12" x 9') of Tiger Maple to use as a mantle in our...
  9. Steve Ash

    From our house to yours......

  10. Steve Ash

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Here is hoping everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving and those who travel have a safe trip. We are going to my mom and dad's which is about a half mile away. Remember....turkey has something in it that after consuming makes you reserve a spot on the couch!
  11. Steve Ash

    30 years, thoughts and prayers

    30 years ago today I was lucky enough to marry the girl of my dreams. She has always been there for me, whether it was bringing food out to the fields at dinner time, cleaning out hog pens, feeding watering our animals, assisiting me in birthing of cattle and hogs.....leaving the family farm to...
  12. Steve Ash

    friends list

    okay....been gone awhile and see some changes.:dunno: says my friends list is empty.:doh: Gawd, I think I am gonna cry, I got no friends.:rolleyes: WTH(eck) is this new feature about?:huh: says nuthin bout mah spellun thow. :rofl:
  13. Steve Ash

    Ashman's been busy

    Been a while since I logged fact Tom Niemi informed me today as to the exact date, and he was right on.....don't anyone ever play any dates trivia with him.....he'd be a sure winner. It's been a real busy place around here the past year.....our town got hit with a massive dose of...
  14. Steve Ash

    News from Ashman land

    We just received the news from our daughter in law, that after her second ultrasound, it has been determined that........ It's gonna be a Girl Her name will be Ava Mae.
  15. Steve Ash

    Hey Greg

    I noticed your that your new home? Looks nice.
  16. Steve Ash

    Making Christmas gifts?

    Since Stu reminds us of how many days till Christmas.....I was wondering who is making gifts (wood) to give to family? I've been so busy lately I doubt I get to the shop to make anything, although my wifes oak sewing cabinet is almost done, which might be the only thing I do.....who out there...
  17. Steve Ash

    My son told me.....

    That he and his wife were going to need me to build another one of these.... :thumb:
  18. Steve Ash


    I noticed that Tod asked where I was so I thought I'd take a few minutes and tell you what has been going on. Our area got hit real hard with a hail storm July 2, since then I have been working as usual from 8:00 - 5:00, come home, eat supper, then go do estimates till dark. I have done close...
  19. Steve Ash

    We are being published

    Well our tractors are.... A writer from Canada (Scott Garvey) contacted me about a year ago wanting to know about some of our antique restorations. I told him that it was mostly my dad but the whole family helped in different areas. I got a email a couple of days ago that two of our tractors...
  20. Steve Ash

    What I have been up to

    I haven't been around much, last time I logged on I think was about two weeks ago telling you folks about the hail damage and i was going to be busy.....well, I am. I have done 52 estimates since this all started, some of the bids are coming back that I have been chosen for. I can't handle them...