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  1. Jeff Horton

    Spalted Paulownia any good?

    Long time since I have posted anything. Bought some land, busy cleaning it up and removing trees. Had a really large tree down we drug out with the tractor and was quite surprised to see red shavings coming out as I was cutting it up with the chainsaw. Took some time to figure out it was...
  2. Jeff Horton

    Desk idea, input wanted

    Long time since I posted anything. Here is a very old idea I have had for a computer desk. Pulled it back up and seriously looking at it again. I still like the concept but I have decided I do not like the cabinets undernearth. Style doesn't match the desk and I want to go with shelves...
  3. Jeff Horton

    My first boat building class

    Just got back last week from teaching my first class building my Kayaks. I was invited to the Marine Science Consortium in Wallops Virgina. We built 2 VARDO's and 3 Ravenswood kayaks in 8 days. I know the students learned a lot but so did I! It was one of the most educational experiences I have...
  4. Jeff Horton

    (sort of) Bulk tool buying

    I need to stock the tool boxes for an upcoming boat building class. I need to buy quite a few small items. multiple hand saws, 3' levels, small carpenter style squares, tape measures, c clamps, pistol grip clamps..... I need 4 or 5 of each of most of these. Clamps by the case probably. I can...
  5. Jeff Horton

    Boat rack

    Super simple project, but that is point. It took me weeks to come up with this simple idea. To lazy to reformat it, so here is a link to my blog. Insomnia was the answer!
  6. Jeff Horton

    Cotton...whatever is started

    I have got to name this boat. I am torn between Cotton Row, my initial idea and Cottonwood. I was playing with different designs looking for a pulling(rowing) boat. I took a previous design and made it more like a scull. Added a deck with coamings, lowered the profile while trying to keep...
  7. Jeff Horton

    Good Fein Multimaster clone?

    Never had any interest in one of these till now. I have a boat project coming up where it appears one of these will be near indispensable. Even so it will likely be a one time project, put away in the tool cabinet and pulled out once ever year for some little something. So if you have used one...
  8. Jeff Horton

    It's terminal

    Well, it's official..... my mechanic took a look at my truck today and he called in's got maybe a couple of months left. ....sigh.
  9. Jeff Horton

    Restoration of Makin Waves

    OK, I have put this off as long as I can but this is my next big project. I have talked about it for years but I am a little intimidated by this one. First a little history. I bought this as an ugly ducking 20 years ago, refinished and did a few repairs to it. Used it several years and then it...
  10. Jeff Horton

    End tables for the MIL

    Finished these up last week. They are for my MIL but they fit our Craftsman house so much better I want to keep them!
  11. Jeff Horton

    New tool cabinet

    Since there is a lack of woodworking posts I will share this. Not that interesting really, but at least it is something..... I started yesterday cleaning up a bunch of rough cut oak to make my tool cabinet. The more I got into the project that more problems I could see. Working with solid wood...
  12. Jeff Horton

    Duct work and various sundries...

    I have decided to build a dust collection system in my shop. Going to buy a blower, mount it outside and duct everything outside. One of the great things about living in the country, I can do this. It's going to be a long term project because of the cost. So looking for sources and information...
  13. Jeff Horton

    Show me your wall mounted Hand tool cabinet

    Title says it all. I am sick of the mess on my joiners bench and I need better (more) storage for hand planes, chisels, marking gages, saws, etc. All the usual neander tools. So show me what you built because I want to beg/borrow/steal your good ideas. This just moved to the top of my list...
  14. Jeff Horton

    Cross slide vice

    I need a cross slide vice for use in my drill press. Not a machinist quality vice either. I find I am regularly making brackets for the kayaks and need a better/quicker way and this would improve my quality as well. I see a couple at Harbor Freights web site. I looked on EBay and was...
  15. Jeff Horton

    Building SHAD Finally broke down and set up a blog. I just started a new boat build this morning and going to detail it here. I will post links when I make a new entry. I got tired of posting the same stuff in all the different forums. This is easier.
  16. Jeff Horton

    Shipping * Feedback please

    As many of you know I run a small internet base business and 99.9% of my sales are shipped. As the commercial says "Shipping is a hassle". I love my stores software but the shipping calculations are lacking. Bottom line is there isn't a good way to list shipping costs so that sometimes I don't...
  17. Jeff Horton

    Toy cars, quick project

    Never been into making toys. But a while back I had bunch of 5/4 popular shorts. I had to use the hole saw to cut some holes and the scraps looked like tires. I had an idea! :highfive: Grabbed some of the cutoffs. Sketched out a car outline and cut it out on the bandsaw. Round over the...
  18. Jeff Horton

    Dust collection thoughts

    I need dust collection really bad. I have a lot of sinus problems and I know some of mine are dust related. Money is tight, work is slow so buying what I want is not an option. One of the best ways is skipping the filters and just to dump the chips outside the shop and that takes the fine dust...
  19. Jeff Horton

    Welcome to the 'Lab'

    I have been doing a major clean up and a minor rearranging in the Lab. It's been going on for a couple of weeks now and almost done. Getting rid of junk that has gotten piled up. Tossing scrap wood (always hard to do). Selling some machines I never used and some I acquired in a trade and didn't...
  20. Jeff Horton

    Clamp storage solution

    I have discovered that if a tool has a home I tend to put it up and can usually find it. I still sit things on the table saw or bench when I finished rather than putting it up. However, I do tend to put it in it's place most of the time and I know where to look for it. The more homes for tools...