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    Here you go Vaughn!

    Some electrics we just finished in some vintage gibson colors just to do something different from what we normally do.
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    Thought I'd pop in and say Merry Christmas

    Hi everyone. I know it's been a while but we have been busy and thought I'd take a moment to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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    A little teaser for Vaughan!

    Walnut blank for the next carve top set neck Sent from my SPH-L710T using Tapatalk
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    Bubbles in lacquer on inside corners

    We have been having some problems lately with the finish bubbling on the inside corners of guitars that are being finished with lacquer. It happens either at a neck joint or at the bridge on a steel string guitar. We are at a loss as we have tried thinning the lacquer more and we also have tried...
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    Video of a semi hollow guitar I had a part in working on!

    Here is a video of a semi hollow guitar being unpacked and played. I'm proud to say I had a part in the construction of it. Just did another recently that has that has the same quilted mahogany back.
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    Brought back a few tools from my trip to Baltimore last week!

    Well My brother decided to go thru some of his tools that were his and that he inherited from my father when he died back in 2000. He has decided that he isn't going to be building things as much as he use to and decided to pass some on down to me since I'm still actively building things. First...
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    My first high end tool order

    Well I ordered my first set of high end chisels and a couple of marking knives from Japan Woodworker. They are the Matsumura Blue Steel Bench Chisel in 1/8",1/4",1/2"and 3/4" along with a 1/2" Matsumura Blue Steel Cabinet Chisel for tighter spaces. I do have to say these are so much nicer to use...
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    Smart phones and dumb people

    I don't know if it's been posted here but I find it to be a very powerful video. I try and try to stress this to my kids and hopefully they will get it before it's too late.
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    Got me a No. 8 jointer

    I picked up a Stanley No.8 joiner and a No. 5 corrugated while we were out antiquing last week. The No. 8 cost me $20 and the No. 5 cost me $7. I want to get new blades for both and was wondering if the Lee Nielsen Blade...
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    Preliminary test measurements on my dust collection system

    With all the discussion on dust collection systems lately I figured I would take John Lanciani up on his generous offer of borrowing his test equipment. He sent the following test equipment for me to take readings on my home built Pentz design cyclone. Dwyer 471 hot wire anemometer, a UEI EM151...
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    Live edge table opinions please

    This is a current project I'm working on. It's my first ever live edge table and I feel like I'm stuck. I was going to do straight tapered legs but just didn't like the look so I gave them a slight curve with a taper. Then I took a piece of 1/4" ply and attached the legs to it, set the top...
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    Finally building my new downdraft/out feed table

    Well I finally got off my rear and got started building my downdraft/out feed table. I had enough of all the dust from sanding and am not ready to take the plunge yet on a mirka ceros sander just yet. I built it with left over plywood from some jobs I had. The squirrel cage furnace fan Norma...
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    Question on gluing Ipe.

    Will Titebond III work to glue Ipe. I need to glue some pieces together and was wondering if it will work or if there was any special prep needed!
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    Norma's presents for our 29th wedding anniversary!

    Well Norma sure is an easy person to buy gifts for!. While out and about celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary strolling thru antique shops we came across this oil can and this plane. She had to have them because the oil can reminded her of her father and she liked the red color of the plane...
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    Wilton A5816 variable speed drill press

    Well I was browsing craigslist yesterday and came across an add for a drill press that had some shipping damage. I thought about it for about two hours and finally responded to the add and found out he still had it. Not sure if it was a good deal but for $150 I figure I couldn't go wrong as the...
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    Phase III dresser the build

    Well I finally got busy on the dresser. I was going to use solid walnut 8/4 stock for the legs but when I got the price at $750 plus for what I needed I decided on an alternative. I picked up a 4" x 4" x 102" long and I re-sawed that. I got 37 pieces total. 19 pieces 53-1/2" long and 18 pieces...
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    New Lock miter bit jig from Infinity

    Just saw this posted on another forum. Was designed by Alan Schaffter who also brought you the ibox box joint cutting jig. Here is the link to the jig
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    This might explain the fines in the filters!

    Today my wife and I went to empty the dust bin on my cyclone today and found this. This is the second time this has happened to me. I'm not sure what to do now as the Black flex was more heavy duty than the clear flex that I had on there. Anyone else ever have a problem like this? Any...
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    Eagle eye does it again!

    Well we were just walking around Home Depot this morning picking up a few items and Norma spots this Bosch Colt on the discount rack. I got it for $67. No wrenches or other accessories but I never use them any ways and this is for my home made domino project.
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    Phase III dresser

    Well after getting my computer working correctly again I went ahead and doodled up a drawing in sketchup for the dresser. Now I have to see how much walnut I need to get to go with what I have left over from what I got off of Larry. I figure I would challenge myself a little with the compound...