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    2:20 today I'm a grandpa

    Kaden Joseph campo born today My daughter is doing great and baby is perfect Don't remember being this happy in decades
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    Basement man cave bar

    For my son in laws man cave Sapele outside frame ribboned sapele plywood for panels Furniture grade birch ply for inside This is pics of layout nothing is sanded or cleaned glue is drying I was going to use sapele to edge plywood faces in back but decided to make a slight narrow face frame The...
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    Taught my great nephew how to turn a pen

    Yeah it's like the blind leading the blind As I'm not a big turner anymore Haven't turned a pen in over a year at least He did it all I helped with a drop of glue finish at end
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    Short bookcase/shelving

    Made to exact measurements Going to fit into a space but will be brought out so I made a top for it Sapele hardwood and 1/4 inch sapele glued on sides Simple unit I'm always apprehensive when I put pin holes for shelves hoping when I'm done holes match up perfectly Even with jig I'm always...
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    pop up tent/canopy

    lost my carport canopy tent in the storm. Id like to get a smaller 10x10 pop up tent so I can work outside not under the sun. I know some of you guys do shows...any reco for a sturdy easy up easy down pop up tent? (dont want to spend a fortune, but dont want a piece of trash either)
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    is this the worst season for bugs?

    I dont know what is going on, but its become impossible to enjoy sitting outside the past month or so. And to make things worse, the bugs landing on me trying to make friends are the size of small birds. is it just up here in northeast, long island? or is it everywhere this year? never...
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    End tables made from fire pit selection

    Cleaning out shop of all strips to burn in sil s firepit Decided to waste a bottle of glue and make two boards Then decided to add a border and make them small end tables The small one the aprons and legs were real cruddy white oak with stains so I spray painted the leg assembly Not sure if I'm...
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    My daughter found this hidden in laundry room

    Guessing a previous home owner hid it and forgot about it Not the previous owner Any value or just a rusted out wall hanger? My daughter has been in house over a year
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    question about epoxy

    I want to try to make one of the things Ive seen on some diy site. putting a bunch of pieces of wood into a bowl and filling the bowl in with colored epoxy and then spinning the bowl. Ive cast some pens in my life, very expensive stuff for a small 12 or 16 oz can. what kind of epoxy can I use to...
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    Im not in trouble

    Ive been killing my wrist with cutting so many plastic pvc birds. Gave out around 36-40 as of yesterday. My right wrist is swelling and I need a break. Im sitting outside and I see my neighbor across the street has happy graduation signs and ballons,and I know his dauhter graduated college. I...
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    happy easter

    going to be a tough year for those that celebrate easter and cant visit family. we did zoom on passover with family members from all over, iowa, florida, and scattered across NY. its better than nothing. brings smiles to family members that are alone in house, I hope everyone stays safe and...
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    some good news

    elen and me are having a grandson! gender reveal today, just a few people, this is my daughter and son in law, blue balloons.
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    the best pain med money cant buy

    when my 4 and half year old niece came flying thru my front door and ran into the den to give me a hug, my pain seemed to have vanished. Best pain med on earth. a hug and kiss from a beautiful warm delicious child. She spent the day, had dinner, spent the early evening, made my week.
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    pvc pipe bird

    didnt know where to put it. while travelling down south, came across a store that had a few lawn ornaments and there were a couple of birds(egrots I believe), made out of 4 inch pvc pipe I looked up online what I could, found a video, although no measurements, but gave it a try today. built a...
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    pricing stuff for sale

    how should I price my lathe from retail? its in great shape. should I make a bundle deal for lathe and all accessories?
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    Cutoffs to make bowl

    Turning once a year I'm thinking about selling my large and supplies I do very little lathe work these days It's not as exciting as it once was I have so many ends of boards I glued some maple and sqpele cutoffs together and for this Not my intended shape but some of the ends had splits and I...
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    pinball machine found in trash

    demolition derby machine found in great working condition by my son in jersey. in the trash. some rust, and bad spots but electirc and everything else works. does any one here know where he can get part or remade parts for this.?
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    pricing , losing proposition

    I started thinking about actually responding to some people asking me about the childrens adirondack chairs. so before I made the last 2, I sat down and figured out exactly what each one runs me in time, and in money. heres the results, and I see it as a losing proposition. If I purchase in...
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    trinket/anything boxes

    my wife is retiring in 8 weeks, and she wanted to give a gift to her fellow office workers. I know there are three women she works with in her office, so I asked her if she wanted me to make some trinket/anything boxes for them. she loved the idea then she said, uh...better make that 4, theres a...
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    question on spalted maple

    a bit back, jim gave me some chunks of spalted maple. Im going to use some of it to make trinket boxes. my question can I slice off 1/2-3/4 inch pieces off the edge, not the face? will it respond similar to jointing and planing? I can get much more use out of slicing off edges than cutting from...