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  1. Mohammad Madha

    seems like a good deal on a foldable/rolling miter saw stand - $70
  2. Mohammad Madha

    Shed base question

    I have some space behind the detached garage where I am planning to put a plastic shed. The shed requires a concrete or wooden base. There is a concrete floor behind the garage but I am thinking of building a wooden base to avoid water pooling around the shed when it rains. This is what I am...
  3. Mohammad Madha

    Laser cutter deal

    Saw this on Nextdoor today. If only Darren lived in Los Angeles. :(
  4. Mohammad Madha

    2000 year old boat from the Sea of Galilee

    You can read more about it here:
  5. Mohammad Madha

    Pics from a shop in Nazareth

  6. Mohammad Madha

    Pics from a shop in Bethlehem (West Bank)

    Bethlehem shop - makes souvenirs targeted to Christian tourists. Products are made of Olive wood. Tablesaw looks like Sawstop. :D
  7. Mohammad Madha

    Craftsman Universal Mitre Saw stand - 59.99 with free shipping

    Not all of us have a big shop space for a nice custom mitre saw stand (like Rennie's). Or you may just want a portable stand.
  8. Mohammad Madha

    Covering plantation style door gaps and portable AC platform

    I have a client who has a small (2 ft wide closet) server room. He just bought a portable AC for the closet. The exhaust hose needs to be connected to the ceiling tiles but the hose is about 4 feet short of the required length. Extending the hose will void the warranty. What do you suggest I use...
  9. Mohammad Madha

    How a cricket bat is made

    Since all the forum members love the sport of Cricket,;) I thought I'd share these videos: and this is how it is made in Pakistan:
  10. Mohammad Madha

    Riot Gear Helmet

    Just read this article: Makes a compelling case for using a Riot gear helmet.
  11. Mohammad Madha

    Cutting Metal

    Looking at several options to cut metal: Harbor freight 4 x 6 Band Saw or Grizzly G0622 vs Metal Chop saw like Dewalt DW872 or Evolution 380 Raptor. Any one has any experience with one of the above. Pros & Cons? Review. Another preferred brand within the same category? I know there are other...
  12. Mohammad Madha

    Interesting project for those who have a CNC machine
  13. Mohammad Madha

    The dream tree

    Alcazar Palace garden - Seville.
  14. Mohammad Madha

    Thrilling ride....

    ....not for my faint heart.
  15. Mohammad Madha

    Pic test

    Test pic 1 Test pic 2
  16. Mohammad Madha

    Sweepstakes for Guitar lovers. I know there are a few on this forum.
  17. Mohammad Madha

    Article on a finishing master

    Just read an article in the Nov 2013 issue of Popular Woodworking called "A Finishing Passion". This article is about Brian Miller who has an extensive experience working on Greene & Greene projects, particularly the Blacker House. I took his Finishing class at Cerritos college a few years ago...
  18. Mohammad Madha

    A visit to Casa Loma

    On our recent trip to Toronto, we visited Casa Loma. This castle style home was built by Sir Henry Mills who brought Hydro-Electricity to the city of Toronto. You can read more about the house here:
  19. Mohammad Madha

    Woodcraft sweepstakes Good Luck!