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  1. Gord Rock

    Finishing Question

    I posted this in the Finishing area and it was suggested I post it here as well: I turned a yoyo for my grandson from Cocobolo and used MinWax Wipe-On Poly as the finish. The poly has been drying for a few days but is still tacky. Do I need to remove the poly, wipe the Cocobolo with acetone...
  2. Gord Rock

    Cocobolo - Finish not drying!

    I turned a yoyo for my grandson from Cocobolo and used MinWax Wipe-On Poly as the finish. The poly has been drying for a few days but is still tacky. :huh: Do I need to remove the poly, wipe the Cocobolo with acetone or something, and reapply the poly? Or should I use some other finish? Any...
  3. Gord Rock

    Nova DVR XP Question

    I've just started trying to create my first open-segment project. My Nova DVR has a very slight play when I lock the indexing pin; it's not much but there is enough play to give me trouble lining up the segments perfectly. :( Does anyone else with this lathe have any play when the headstock is...
  4. Gord Rock

    Oops! Wrong can of finish!!!

    I just completed turning the lid for a cookie jar that I completed a few days ago. The cookie jar is already finished with Wipe-On Poly in a Gloss finish. When I finished the lid I grabbed the wrong can and used Satin finish.:eek: If I use Gloss over the satin will it work out or do I need to...
  5. Gord Rock

    Popcorn Bowls

    Made a popcorn bowl for LOML and one for her friend. I use my router and some letter guides to put the letters in some 2" x 2" blocks and then cut those to the right angles for a segmented bowl. Filled the letters with some unpopped popcorn kernels and set them with CA glue. The ladies are happy...
  6. Gord Rock

    Not pretty but it works!!!

    Trying to hold a different shape in my Cole Jaws I came up with this solution. I cut some reddi-rod slightly shorter than the length of the turning, covered the reddi-rod with some 3/16" fuel line and installed them in the Cole Jaws. I found it didn't hold it quite securely enough so I put a...
  7. Gord Rock

    Segmented Bowl

    Done just before Christmas; this one LOML wanted to keep. Birch and Walnut with vertical pieces of Padauk in the feature ring. Comments, suggestions and criticisms are welcome. Thanks for looking.
  8. Gord Rock

    Christmas Bowls

    A few bowls I turned as Christmas gifts and just haven't posted. Any comments, suggestions or criticisms are appreciated.
  9. Gord Rock

    Live Center Adaptor

    Does anyone know of an adaptor to go from 3/4" x 10 tpi to 1-1/4" x 8 tpi? Yes, I know that Oneway sells one but at a price of $43US I'm hoping there is an alternative supplier. I hate to be cheap but the cost of tools is starting to make LOML a wee bit unhappy. :( :o I'm sure no one else has...
  10. Gord Rock

    Vacuum Generator???

    Does anyone have any experience with, or know anything about, this Vacuum Generator that I just spotted in the new Woodturner's Catalog? It's on page 46 of the catalog or check it out at...
  11. Gord Rock

    Another supplier for this?

    Stu recommended this handle to replace the one on the banjo of my Nova DVR XP: found at: McMaster-Carr won't send it to a Canadian address due to problems with export regulations. Can anyone tell me where another supplier might be found? I've ordered...
  12. Gord Rock

    Bloodwood/Birch Segmented Bowl

    The 1st segmented bowl I've tried and LOML just loves it! Can't ask for much more than that. :thumb: 129 pieces; 4-5/8" high x 8-7/8" across the top. Any comments, criticisms or suggestions always welcome. Thanks for looking. .....Gord
  13. Gord Rock

    1st Segmented Turning

    This was my first effort at segmented turning. Cherry and Birch, a poor choice as there is not a lot of difference in such small pieces and they are difficult to differentiate when looking at the photos. :dunno: The bottom row is all birch, if that helps any. 73 pieces including the plug on the...
  14. Gord Rock

    Reversible Bowl, Anyone???

    This started out just as a bit of a joke but now LOML likes it so much that I guess we are keeping it. She wouldn't let me fill the cracks that appeared after drying because she says she likes the natural look. :dunno: In its normal configuration it sits like this: If you turn it upside...
  15. Gord Rock

    I'm back with a GLOAT!!!

    I've been lurking for the last little while as I haven't had time to do any turning. Recently got a new NOVA DVR XP lathe. After the smaller lathe I was using this is very great pleasure to use. Lots of new-to-me features and it's so smooth that the gouges that used to fall of the stand when I...
  16. Gord Rock

    Longworth Chuck Question

    I'm thinking of building a Longworth Chuck to reverse bowls to finish their bottoms. My lathe has a 12" swing. What is the largest bowl I can mount on a Longworth Chuck if I make it the maximum size for my lathe? :huh: I realize there are likely a number of variables based on exactly how I build...
  17. Gord Rock

    Crochet Hooks - Part 2

    I delivered the crochet hooks yesterday and she was very happy with them. She wanted a variety of sizes, both in the shaft and the handle. This is a photo of the 12 I gave her. From the top they are: Zebrawood Padauk Bloodwood Bloodwood Bloodwood Purpleheart Padauk Birch Cocobolo Purpleheart...
  18. Gord Rock

    Crochet Hooks?

    I haven't been doing any turning for a few months as my lathe broke down and I've been too busy with other things to get around to fixing it. Now, I finally have it ready to go and a lady has asked me if I would turn some crochet hooks for her. I've seen a few pictures of them online but have no...
  19. Gord Rock

    GLOAT: Now what do I do with it?

    :eek: A friend had a large number of Maple trees come down in a bad storm and he told me to take all I wanted. Maple is not common in this area so needless to say I was quite excited. :) And I finally got to use that chainsaw I bought last October. :D Unfortunately, LOML isn't nearly as excited...
  20. Gord Rock

    Bracelets (Bangles?) & Earrings

    I wanted to try some segmented turning but I'm a long way from being ready to try bowls so I put together a few bracelets and a pair of earrings for LOML. The first bracelet I made from two different colors of acrylic pen blanks. Unfortunately, I don't think there's enough color difference...