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  1. Mohammad Madha

    seems like a good deal on a foldable/rolling miter saw stand - $70
  2. Mohammad Madha

    Shed base question

    I have some space behind the detached garage where I am planning to put a plastic shed. The shed requires a concrete or wooden base. There is a concrete floor behind the garage but I am thinking of building a wooden base to avoid water pooling around the shed when it rains. This is what I am...
  3. Mohammad Madha

    Back to carving at last!

    Nice! I still remember you interrogating the Churros vendor in Hollywood.
  4. Mohammad Madha

    Laser cutter deal

    Saw this on Nextdoor today. If only Darren lived in Los Angeles. :(
  5. Mohammad Madha

    2000 year old boat from the Sea of Galilee

    You can read more about it here:
  6. Mohammad Madha

    Pics from a shop in Nazareth

  7. Mohammad Madha

    Pics from a shop in Bethlehem (West Bank)

    Bethlehem shop - makes souvenirs targeted to Christian tourists. Products are made of Olive wood. Tablesaw looks like Sawstop. :D
  8. Mohammad Madha

    Craftsman Universal Mitre Saw stand - 59.99 with free shipping

    Not all of us have a big shop space for a nice custom mitre saw stand (like Rennie's). Or you may just want a portable stand.
  9. Mohammad Madha

    Where are the Beards

    I did sport a short beard couple of years ago. I had also shaved my head. Like Rennie, too many white hair were making me look old so I grew the hair back on my head and got rid of the facial hair.
  10. Mohammad Madha

    Covering plantation style door gaps and portable AC platform

    I have a client who has a small (2 ft wide closet) server room. He just bought a portable AC for the closet. The exhaust hose needs to be connected to the ceiling tiles but the hose is about 4 feet short of the required length. Extending the hose will void the warranty. What do you suggest I use...
  11. Mohammad Madha

    How a cricket bat is made

    Since all the forum members love the sport of Cricket,;) I thought I'd share these videos: and this is how it is made in Pakistan:
  12. Mohammad Madha

    Riot Gear Helmet

    Just read this article: Makes a compelling case for using a Riot gear helmet.
  13. Mohammad Madha

    Cutting Metal

    Looking at several options to cut metal: Harbor freight 4 x 6 Band Saw or Grizzly G0622 vs Metal Chop saw like Dewalt DW872 or Evolution 380 Raptor. Any one has any experience with one of the above. Pros & Cons? Review. Another preferred brand within the same category? I know there are other...
  14. Mohammad Madha

    Interesting project for those who have a CNC machine
  15. Mohammad Madha

    The dream tree

    Alcazar Palace garden - Seville.
  16. Mohammad Madha

    One Impressive Workbench

    Just searched my picture archive and found pictures of a workbench that a student at Cerritos college made a few years ago. I was taking a turning class at that time.
  17. Mohammad Madha

    a genuine yellow wood?

    The open segmented has yellowheart and the second turning has Canarywood. Canarywood is a mixture of brown and yellow with a tint of orange. It hasn't faded in several years.
  18. Mohammad Madha

    Thrilling ride....

    ....not for my faint heart.
  19. Mohammad Madha

    Pic test

    Test pic 1 Test pic 2