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  1. Frank Fusco

    past medical records.

    What Ted said. The executor or close surviving relative has a right to those records. But laws vary from state to state. In many cases you might need to present an original copy of the death certificate. Those can be very hard to get if you don't have a copy already.
  2. Frank Fusco

    Glue to use on cutting boards

    For glue effectiveness TB III is probably the best. But I prefer TB II. The III leaves an ugly glue line that often cannot be sanded away. Never had problems with II. Boards stay together. I don't believe there has ever been any 'creep'. In fact never heard of it until this thread.
  3. Frank Fusco

    Cutting board

    Kudos. Looks very good. I'm a straight mineral oil finish guy. Except for my own. Then I use olive oil. Some claim OO goes rancid. Mine never have and I'm almost as old as Pompeii.
  4. Frank Fusco

    Got some sad news last night.

    Condolences. Very sad. 50 is too young to go.
  5. Frank Fusco

    Converting an old barn to a shop

    I would opt to leave it up as a photo background through the seasons and over the years. But, I wouldn't go in very often. Then build something new elsewhere. Safety first.
  6. Frank Fusco

    Does this look like trouble?

    Man, you are a perfectionist. That would not even be noticed by most people. Let dry, a little filler will make it a memory. It would be a sin to cut up that beautiful top.
  7. Frank Fusco

    Cutting board

    Never had a problem with using ash. But, that said, maple and walnut are my favorites.
  8. Frank Fusco

    Cutting board

    Can't comment on the pistachio, never used it. I like to mix my woods. The ones I've made were various combos of walnut, maple, ash, hickory. Yep, avoid cedar.
  9. Frank Fusco

    French Rolling pin

    OK, as I learned when looking up the French rolling pin before turning one: In France many of the bakery shops have their main baker working in an open window facing the street. These bakers become, in a sense, showmen and like to entertain passers-by. The shape of their rolling pin allows them...
  10. Frank Fusco

    French Rolling pin

    Nice work. Looks great. I made one for my wife. Do you know why French rolling pins are designed like that? Interesting story.
  11. Frank Fusco

    Sanding & Stuff

    My sanding material for lathe work is MicroMesh. The stuff might wear out eventually but has been going for a long time already. When it needs refreshing I just toss is the washer with clothes. It comes in sets from coarse to very fine. I have two sets but am still using #1. My experience with...
  12. Frank Fusco

    New sign bits

    My sets work out to about $1.00 each (per cutter). Results are good. I'm not a high volume wood worker, maybe the high priced stuff would prove it's worth if I were. Dunno.
  13. Frank Fusco

    Converting an old barn to a shop

    I wouldn't know where to start, other than taking a look at the check book. Actually, I think you have already gotten the best use possible out of it. Photo subject.
  14. Frank Fusco

    Ways to apply tung oil?

    The one time I used it was on a replica Rev. War musket I built. Wood was plain walnut. I slathered on with a brush, wiped down and left. It dried overnight. Despite being used outdoors and sometimes being kept in humid conditions (tent) it is still in excellent shape 50 years later. BTW, I used...
  15. Frank Fusco

    New Shop Journey

    I'll refrain from typing my thoughts about California. Glad I live where I am. In many areas restrictions and nearly non-existent. And, I am on the County Board that writes restrictions. Last year we nearly got publicly hung when word got out we were considering writing some. Our Board was...
  16. Frank Fusco

    new car - opinions please

    One of our local dealers took on the Subaru. After about two years he dropped them. Said they were almost impossible to keep running. Maintenance was excessive. I dunno. Just repeating. Not yet mentioned, the Kia and Hundiay get good reviews. That said, I do not care to have any make that does...
  17. Frank Fusco

    I won't let my disability stand in my way!

    Great idea. I have an old garden to level. Have some pallets in the garage, those should serve well after I get some nails into them.
  18. Frank Fusco

    my lathe

    Yeppers, 3. Typo here. :eek:
  19. Frank Fusco

    interesting new tool

    Vaughn nailed it. Smelled scam before I opened the link.
  20. Frank Fusco

    113 Craftsman table saw blade guard needed

    Agree with Jim. More annoyance than useful. I have mine but often remove in use.