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  1. Brent Dowell

    Four Day week end doing anything special

    Been putting the finishing touches on my bathroom remodel. Waiting on the toilet and accessories to get delivered. Powering through a marathon of all the marvel MCU movies, turkey day we'll switch over to the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Doing a full thanksgiving dinner for Sharon and me...
  2. Brent Dowell

    Cordless tool info I did not know existed!

    Over the last year or so, I pretty much settled on the milwaukee m18 and m12 series of cordless tools, and have been 'collecting' them like a little kid collects matchbox cars. In particular I've been very impressed with the ROS and Jigsaw. The jigsaw is as smooth as my bosch and the sander is...
  3. Brent Dowell

    I'm a Grandpa!!!

    Dave, Get some pictures if you can, Sounds pretty cool, and Congratulations!
  4. Brent Dowell

    Got some sad news last night.

    So Sorry for your loss Don.
  5. Brent Dowell

    How NOT to Do It

    Improvisational carpentry, lol.
  6. Brent Dowell

    fire or dump truck rocker plans

    That really looks great Allen. I'm sure it will be passed down through the family for years!
  7. Brent Dowell

    HTE versus HVLP

    I'm not wondering specifically about the harbor freight guns, but more in general if people have used the HTE ones and if they've really noticed a difference. Not really in the market right now, but have had good luck with the purple harbor freight guns. They've done a decent enough job for me.
  8. Brent Dowell

    Happy Birthday Mike Stafford!

    Happy Birthday Mike! :b-day: :b-day: :b-day:
  9. Brent Dowell

    HTE versus HVLP

    Anybody tried the new HTE (High Transfer Efficiency) spray guns? Got an email from Harbor Freight today and apparently they have something that is supposed to lay down more paint with less overspray than the old hvlp guns. A bit pricey, especially for HF, but...
  10. Brent Dowell

    My Gullible Neighbors

    Even though we've got an unlimited supply of rabbits, neither of my dogs have ever been able to catch a rabbit. Oh they have tried, but are just too slow, lol. Yellow lab and an overweight cattle dog mix of some sort
  11. Brent Dowell

    Turntable Base - Some Woodworking To Go With My Audio

    Oh I like that very much! Nicely done!
  12. Brent Dowell

    Auxilliary Bathroom Remodel

    I think she meant to type 'He', i.e. me, lol.
  13. Brent Dowell

    new arrival!

  14. Brent Dowell

    Auxilliary Bathroom Remodel

    The only room in the house I could keep at a temp of 75-85 to cure the finish was what we call the 'bunk house', really just kind of a store room. Put a small space heater in it and am running that for days to keep the temp up. Can't wait to see the electric bill for this, lol.
  15. Brent Dowell

    My Gullible Neighbors

    LOL, I have to admit, I love the 1 or 2 people that did get it. Our Next door has been a total poop pageant lately with a very, very local political issue. On the upside though, one of my neighbors volunteered me to be Santa at a local neighborhood party for the kids. And yes, I've already...
  16. Brent Dowell

    Wife Accidentally Brewed Regular Coffee Today

    I drink a full pot of coffee every morning. I just wish I was smart enough to pre make it the night before so I could wake up to it already made, lol.
  17. Brent Dowell

    Auxilliary Bathroom Remodel

    Ok, So poured some epoxy on my concrete counter top I made years ago. Holy cow it's shiny now! Going to 'paint' a coat on the front edge, but thinking this is going to work out well. So shiny it's hard to get a picture.
  18. Brent Dowell

    Auxilliary Bathroom Remodel

    Well, The toilet needed to be special ordered with a 10" rough in and wont be here till the 30th, but that should be a quick enough install. I'm pouring the epoxy top on the concrete counter today. I figure all the plumbing will be ready this week and just down to new doors and door trim after...