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  1. Dave Hawksford

    2 porcelain projects

    Both self explanatory. The blue white bowl is more challenging when it comes to matching colours.
  2. Dave Hawksford

    another Friday

    no rain, no plans, A lot of work. Maybe a ride this weekend or get in a hunt.
  3. Dave Hawksford

    Pleyel Harp restoration final

  4. Dave Hawksford

    Parakeets are hatchig

    So far 3 pinkies. They are noise. I wonder what a fewmore of these will sound like.
  5. Dave Hawksford

    For dinner Chicken

    Dinner , chicken of the woods, chicken, broccoli, onions, carrots & seasonings. Top off with a bit of Honey BBQ SAUCE
  6. Dave Hawksford

    This is a musicals piece

    Customer brought it down from Connecticut. Kind of nice getting known on Nationally I'll post up the finishing. I do hope to get a picture when the customer installs the strings. Maybe hopefully a video of her playing it. Covid hair. Still have seen a barber : )
  7. Dave Hawksford

    1901 harp New project

    customer brought this down from Connecticut. Looking at a full restoration and gilding. Not sure yet if I'll be doing a French polish or piano gloss lacquer finish. Strings have been removed by the customer. What is nice i just finished up a number of porcelain projects that opened up a...
  8. Dave Hawksford

    Chicken of the Woods

    Little oil, onions, garlic, green beans, seasonings, wine, dash of maple syrup, add chicken of the Woods, breast of chicken top it off with a (little) hickoy honey BBQ Sauce
  9. Dave Hawksford

    Friday ....

    got to love a wedding weekend in a far far away land a cross the Mountains. In a land full of blue faced people. That's my weekend making the best of the situation. Meanwhile Jarrod is kicking butt in the shop.
  10. Dave Hawksford

    Road Trip

    Shelly and I are off to Louisville for Jacob's wedding Saturday to Sara. Youngest of the 3 and the last to get hitched. I just learned There is a curfew in the city. Exciting. 10 hours in a CAR.
  11. Dave Hawksford

    Tail of the Dragon Ride

    This was a great ride with 11 friends. Enjoy
  12. Dave Hawksford

    new pizza

    if you like mushrooms you'll like the combination I came up with. Green olives, chicken of the woods on a bed of cheese and sauce topped with some Hickory BBQ sauce. THE DHH original
  13. Dave Hawksford

    old timers

    anyone ever worked with one of these ? I cleared all the thickets and small trees today from around the old boy. I Also found a nice amount of Chicken today.
  14. Dave Hawksford

    Friday is a good day

    Jacob's Batchelor party is this weekend so I'm losing jarrod for a few days. Tony finally finished up this lounge chair. Hand cain after 3 months. This weekend rain. s
  15. Dave Hawksford

    Taday isa good day

    pray for our buddy's the path of the storm. It's a TBT picture day. So what's ya got ? My wedding day Jan.16th 82 My best man Larry. We had 3' of snow outside the church and icicles handing from the roof to the ground.
  16. Dave Hawksford

    We are growing here at

    the bird cage. The pair of parakeets needed a nesting box and I fashioned this morning. 4" hole in the top for cleaning purposes. 1 3/4 diameter for entrance.
  17. Dave Hawksford

    New rescue

    2 an a half weeks after Gracy shows up outside George shows up today. George is the Bright blue aggressive trait Grace is a Resive. They paired up very quick. I think Jarrod will be taking these to home.
  18. Dave Hawksford

    Friday cometh once more

    weather man says rain all week end. I'm suppose cut trees blocking the drive to the farm or drive to the eastern shore for a bow hunters gathering ..........
  19. Dave Hawksford

    Cleaning up an medal safe

    this safe was painted before WILL. It had old oil lead base clear coats. It took a minute removing the lead base clear coats but cleaned up nice. The customer wanted me to repaint the to look original and I told him, let me see if I can save the original. I think I did a good job. Door is...
  20. Dave Hawksford

    Fried chicken for lunch

    with cantaloupe. Time of the year to start hunting.