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    Another remodeling thread

    This might get long, but here's some back-story to my latest project. The last day of December, 2015 we signed the papers of this house. It's an old house, was in fact a barn until sometime in the mid-70's. There are a total of six bedrooms. We have never used the master bedroom for anything but...
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    As close as I ever want to get

    Yesterday while cutting some piece for my stair railing project I was making several repetitive cuts on the miter saw. I guess I've gotten too comfortable with that saw because I did a very dumb thing...I finished a cut, raised the saw and reached for something on the left side with my right...
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    Chicken's nest box... function over form (again)

    I decided that it was time to make version two of the roll-out nest box I made a couple of years ago, so over the last few days I built it. I don't have many process pictures, but there's nothing fancy to see about it anyway. It features a slanting floor *about 5 degrees) so the eggs can roll...
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    Garage stairs

    I bought my house 4 years ago this past December and immediately told my wife that the garage is mine. Well, we all know how that worked out, but it's safe to say that the garage is mostly mine. It's 24x27, uninsulated, no ceiling and wide open. Well, it was, four years ago. It's still...