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  1. william watts


    Thanks Dave. I did that, but did not realize that a dialog box still appears as long your logged in. Bill
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    How can I delete a post before it's posted, if I realize it's totally goofy. Bill
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    Mechanical Advantage at the Gym

    I am so out of shape I can hardly lift a sheet of plywood anymore, so I'm headed back to the gym, with a personnel trainer this time. He directs me to different excerise machines, tells me the number of reps, amount of weight and gives encouragement, what a guy. We got into a discussion on...
  4. william watts

    Possible new shop

    Except for the stationary tools my other tools are all packed up and put into storage in preparation for a move to Sacramento,Ca.where my wife has family. Sac. Is only 60 miles away but that doesn't make packing any easier. We are getting our house ready to sell and looking for another, very...
  5. william watts

    Free Band Saw

    Plans. We are packing things up getting ready to move should all the pieces fall into place and the stars align. I was packing up the garage/shop and came across plans from Gilliom manufacturing for an 18 in. band saw. These are from 1992 all intact and in the original envelope. I believe...
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    CCR'S restrictions

    Wife and I are getting older every day. Now we are talking about moving closer to family in West Sacramento Ca. That would only be about a 50 mile move. Their doesn't seem to be a lot of houses for sale in that area and the few for sale are in newer sub divisions. I've only lived in 3 houses...
  7. william watts

    Am I Worried

    :eek: Ain't skeered. Received a call from The Internal Revenue Services they are instigating a lawsuit against me, just hang up if you get one, that's what I did. This was from area code 213 it's a known scam. Sales pitches, contests, politics, and scams seems like the phone is not worth...
  8. william watts

    At Last it's a Table

    This is a project i started over a year ago, but twin beds got in the way. Except for the curly maple its made from wood left over from other projects, so the legs are mahogany and the side panels are luan. I stained the panels to match the legs. The finish is padded on shellac for...
  9. william watts

    Why did I do this

    I am building a night stand, and waiting for finish to dry enough to rub out, made this. Not sure why I did this. I saw some similar on the w.w.w. and felt motivated. A long time neighbor moved and left a pile of trash in the street. In the pile were 3 pieces of walnut 3/4 x8x24 old,old...
  10. william watts

    Micro Mesh question

    I am in the finish stage of a bed side table. The top and drawer fronts are figured maple and the finish is oil based General Finishes varnish. This will have to be rubbed out. I have used pumice and rotten stone, but there seems to be a more modern method using Micro Mesh abrasive paper. Has...
  11. william watts

    Found 4 planes

    Looking thru things stored in the backyard shed found these in a box. They belonged to my wifes 1st husband who past away years ago. He was a not a plane user, but he did some woodworking in the garage. A Stanley/Bailey #5 made in England; a Stanley/Bailey#4 made in the USA; a Millers...
  12. william watts

    Old Zenith

    This is the bottom of the line Hellicrafters shortwave/ham receiver from the 50's. friend had one and we were able to here the Russian Sputnik! We could hear the " beep-beep" and the Doppler shift as it passed from horizon to horizon. This is a curious radio made by Zenith in the 60's. This...
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    Old Zenith

    Radio dial. Introducing my new avatar, just arrived from the mid 20th century, and now appearing here for the first time :). There was a time this was the www, but things change and sometimes they get better. I have a small collection of old radios that we display around the house.When the...
  14. william watts

    Question on glue up

    Here's the finished version. The mallet head is glued up bark side to bark side, no particular reason. The head started out as a glued up 3 inch thick hard maple construction that I intended to chisel an angled mortise thru, but no luck. It's difficult to chisel a decent mortise thru 3 inches...
  15. william watts

    Question on glue up

    I have a 8/4 x8 in. x27 in. piece of hard maple and would like to make a mallet. It is flat sawn with the pith in the center of the piece. I am thinking I can rip the center and then face glue the halves together to get thick enough stock for a < 3 inch thick mallet head. Should I glue the...
  16. william watts

    Slow Twin Beds

    I am a slow woodworker. These beds have taken more than a year to complete, not steady work, but slow progress, interrupted by smaller projects and daily life. I used plans from Plans Now with some changes to the dimensions. This is the 1st project I have used plans for, usually I build from...
  17. william watts

    Tree is gone

    A neighbors city tree was removed because roots were growing into his sewer line. This was an ash tree and really big. The city crew worked unbelievably fast. They dropped, cut up, and loaded this in less than 1 hour. They did not limb it, just dropped it accurately in the street. Gone and...
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    Mortise Jig

    Here's a router based mortise jig I made from info on the great www. I did a search on this site and didn't find anything like it, so thought I would post it. I Like the way it works, and being shop made it's cheap. The jig clamps to your bench, the work clamps to the jig, and router is...
  19. william watts

    Dusty Finish

    I just sanded the 2nd finish off a test piece using General Finishes Arm-R-Seal. I like the look of oil base. Dust is settling in the finish. I am trying to finish the 2nd of a twin bed set, the 1st bed has a few dust specks to the feel, but it will have to do. I am wiping the finish on. Over...
  20. william watts

    California Hi.

    Thank you such a warm welcome, it's pleasure to meet all of you. Sure looks like great group of woodworkers. I am sure I will have questions down the road. I am still struggling with pictures but here is another attempt.