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  1. Rennie Heuer

    Friday 22Jan21

    The 735 is up and running better than ever. Quieter than before so I'm thinking there may have been an issue with the first head. Not even getting any of the ridges I did with the previous head.
  2. Rennie Heuer

    Electric hand plane diagnose, = bad prognosis

    I have the Ryobi as well - good for carpentry but I used a planer only once on the bottom of a door and it tore up the veneer face and the end grain of the stiles. Never again. The track saw is the perfect tool for trimming doors IMHO.
  3. Rennie Heuer

    Friday 22Jan21

    Still playing catch-up from when the planer was down. Trying to juggle multiple priorities.
  4. Rennie Heuer

    Happy Birthday Tom Niemi!

  5. Rennie Heuer

    price/value puzzlement

    I had the distinct pleasure of sitting at a small table made by Nakashima. (The CEO of a company I worked for out of Philadelphia could afford it) The workmanship is something to be appreciated, to be sure. However, even if I had it, I don't think I could part with $100 grand for one.
  6. Rennie Heuer

    Happy Birthday Brent Dowell!

  7. Rennie Heuer

    DO NOT use the USPS for packages!

    Over the past 10 years I've shipped out over 800 packages via USPS. In all that time only one was lost and it was in route to Canada. Can't say everything arrived as quickly as promised, but they all arrived.
  8. Rennie Heuer

    First dose of covid vaccine today

    Jan and I have registered, but both of us being in good health, and basic government mismanagement, will insure we probably won't get vaccinated before April - if then.
  9. Rennie Heuer

    Table finish

    Yep, stunning is the word.
  10. Rennie Heuer

    DW735 new parts

    Yep, mine was similar. Amazing how much debris can work its way though that small hole in such a shot time.
  11. Rennie Heuer

    Toddler table and chair set in cherry

    The table and chairs came out great, not so much the ribcage. Take it easy old friend - there is still a trip to Michigan in your future.
  12. Rennie Heuer

    Best ROS?

    While sanding today with my last working sander I lifted it off the surface for a moment and the sandpaper disk flew 20' across the shop. Guess the old hook part of the hook and loop partnership has given up. I ordered a new pad for $12 from Amazon, just so I'd have a back up, but also ordered...
  13. Rennie Heuer

    Okay, Proud Papa

    Fantastic! (y) (y)
  14. Rennie Heuer

    Zipcode Saw Returns to the Nest

    I always thought if money and space allowed it would be nice to have two table saws in the shop - one set up for ripping with a long outfeed table and the other set up for crosscuts with a sliding crosscut table.
  15. Rennie Heuer

    Christmas present arrived

    Love mine - Very handy.
  16. Rennie Heuer

    Could use a few good vibes for my dad

    So very sorry for your loss.
  17. Rennie Heuer


    Ouch! Hope nothing more serious than a black eye comes of this.
  18. Rennie Heuer

    Greene and Greene drawer pulls - in process

    Looks like its going in the right direction!
  19. Rennie Heuer

    My Wife is in the Hospital your thought and prayers would be appreciated.

    So very sorry Don. I understand and my thoughts and prayers are with you.
  20. Rennie Heuer

    How Long Should Stain Cure?

    I think the cans I use, Minwax, say 48 hours to topcoat. I like to wait 72.