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  1. Chuck Ellis

    Friday 22Jan21

    Woke up this morning to less than a mile visibility... difficult to see the big barn across the road. Had planned to make a run up to my favorite wood store, but may have to delay for a while. suppose to lift by noon though. Problem is my wood store is 1 1/2 hour away and wanted to get an...
  2. Chuck Ellis

    sit'n in the ER

    Definitely take it easy....
  3. Chuck Ellis

    you guys are not going to believe this...

    See Patience does payoff. But it does look like a high altitude delivery... that package has been through the wars.
  4. Chuck Ellis

    Electric hand plane diagnose, = bad prognosis

    I know absolutely nothing abut electric planes and for that not much more about hand planes... the only time I've ever seen an electric plane is on the Youtube videos of Leo (don't know last name), that is in process of rebuilding a 100 foot sailing yacht... he uses one often. Since I don't...
  5. Chuck Ellis

    Happy Birthday Tom Niemi!

    Happy happy birthday Tom
  6. Chuck Ellis

    sit'n in the ER

    Definitely great news. The feeling better, not the end of the updates.
  7. Chuck Ellis

    35 year ago

    Happy birthday Jarrod... just remember I probably have socks your age.
  8. Chuck Ellis

    DO NOT use the USPS for packages!

    Those enamored with the post office will love it, just got notice from ETSY that rates are going up between 3 and 6% effective Jan 24.
  9. Chuck Ellis

    A chuckle for today.

    I remember my mom hanging laundry on a crisp day, then a blue norther blew in .... she had to take the sheets in and thaw them before she could fold them. :D
  10. Chuck Ellis

    sit'n in the ER

    That's a good thing... we need all our old submariners.
  11. Chuck Ellis

    Okay Opinions please

    Hopefully it's where access is easier than mine... I had to replace my hot water heater shortly after I moved in here... it's in the back of the master bedroom closet, behind a wall... I have to take the wall out, and all the clothes in the closet.... strangest place in the world to put a water...
  12. Chuck Ellis

    DO NOT use the USPS for packages!

    I interesting story about FEDEX.... back in the early '90s, I worked for a forwarding company that specialized in shipping hazardous good by air... flammables, explosives, etc.... we often used the Flying Tigers airlines, an exclusively cargo carrier that was started by some of the pilots from...
  13. Chuck Ellis

    DO NOT use the USPS for packages!

    About a month back I ordered a new laptop for my wife... I got notice that it was delivered... couldn't find it anywhere, front porch, back steps, garage... no sign of it, then noticed something at the foot of the driveway that looked strange, walked down there and there lay the laptop in the...
  14. Chuck Ellis

    sit'n in the ER

    Hang in there and stay positive... life will get better.
  15. Chuck Ellis

    price/value puzzlement

    Market value is determined by a willing and able buyer... or what the market will bear. That said, I think a lot of the antique roadshow is hype for TV and not necessarily realistic.
  16. Chuck Ellis

    What to Do During Lockdown.... I guess.

    It looks like asylum therapy?
  17. Chuck Ellis

    DO NOT use the USPS for packages!

    Part of that is the USPS attitude to their people.... my son worked for the post office for about a month.... they gave him a rural route that had over 300 boxes on it and 4 hours to make the run... after the 4 hours, his pay would stop and if he had to take over 4 hours to do the run, he did...
  18. Chuck Ellis

    Oxygen Sensor - good to have on hand.

    I haven't checked my O2 level in quite a while, but I do know that I breathe a little shallow most of the time... sometimes I have to actually consciously breath to get a full lung full of air.
  19. Chuck Ellis

    A little preview

    My first look at the saw made me think of the ship's saw that Leo is using to rebuilt/refurbish the sailing yacht "Tally Ho" If you go back a few episodes you'll see where he got the saw and refurbished it to cut ribs and various...
  20. Chuck Ellis

    Oxygen Sensor - good to have on hand.

    We've had one for several years... recommended to get one after Dianne's open heart surgery... it even has new batteries in it. I even keep a blood pressure cuff near my desk... Dr. recommended I check it periodically since it seems to run high... but a couple nights back it was running low...