bent wood lamination

  1. Robert Horky

    Entertainment Cabinet

    Finally completed ...
  2. Robert Horky

    New Kitchen Table

    Finally did a project for the LOML. Replaced our old table but did use the slide mechanism. Wood: oak Finish: water based grain filler, General Finishes Oil based stain, General Finishes High Performance poly Dimensions: 42” wide x 60” long w/o leafs. two 12” leafs thus 84” long w/ leafs. All...
  3. Robert Horky

    2-in-1 bed for the daughter as the baby is on board

    Started this in advance, anticipating what has now become a reality. Now have a deadline to meet so the pressure is on. Starting here: The sides will be detachable and replace with longer pieces to hold a full size mattress when the crib is no longer needed. I am skipping the making of a...