1. glenn bradley

    Some Small Boxes - Done

    I took a day off to prepare for the Fourth. I'm an early riser so I grabbed some scraps out of the bin and test drove my recently built "box sled". With it setup for mitered corners I made some quick work of the scraps. I found walnut, B.E. maple and pecan pieces that were large enough to...
  2. D

    My chests

    Hello! This is my first message here, sorry for my english
  3. Scott Rongey

    Nested Boxes

    Here's a pair of boxes I made a couple of years ago from some left over mango wood and a sheet of brass to support the inner box; the insides are flocked. I made them as a pair of simple jewelry boxes for my wife and daughter. They had matching necklaces: wife's in the large box and daughter's...