coffee table

  1. L

    Refinishing a Stickley Coffee Table

    Hello everyone, So I have this really nice (or used to be nice) Stickley coffee table that used to be my mom's. When I was much younger I ruined it with ink and water (the things children do...) and it is badly stained. My mom never lets me live it down so I want to fix it for her as a...
  2. Robert Horky

    Walnut Coffee Table

    This one now joins the two end tables (one can be seen in the second pic) and the sofa table. Now just one more to go, a square end table, and the set will be complete. Walnut frames and drawer fronts (real and false). Walnut plywood for end panels. Walnut burl veneer for the tops...
  3. glenn bradley

    Pedestal Table - TDW-2010 Fallout

    Well the tour of Sam's place planted a seed. I need an end table for the living room. Fortunately, since I have never done this sort of thing before, I have a collection of junk-wood I keep for mock-ups and prototypes: I use a magnet as a stop on an Incra rule to keep the rule still while I...