1. Mike Mathieu

    Custom Intarsia Frame

    Hi Everyone Last year I did the restoration of an 1860's love seat for a client which had a Grape Motif along the top. The same client wanted to incorporate the Motif into a frame This is the top section of a fairly large frame (24" x 30") made from cherry with the Custom Intarsia Inlay...
  2. Mike Mathieu

    Custom Beer Tap Handle

    Hi Everyone This is a Custom Beer Tap Handle of the Hamilton Crest I just completed. Overall dimensions are 8 1/2" tall x 3.75" wide. Walnut Stem and Head. The Intarsia consists of 60 pieces from 9 different woods. The biggest challenge on this project (besides working with lots of little...
  3. Darren Wright

    Master Bedroom Closet and Storage

    Now that I've completed the Master Bath Project, it's time to move on to the next project. We don't use this second sink/vanity which is located in a nook in our Master Bedroom. My wife originally wanted me to just pickup two pre-built 24" four drawer kitchen cabinets that we could paint and...
  4. larry merlau


    if you were asked to make some custom siding panels and two sticks of custom trim, the customer supplied the material.. how do you price it? use a shop hr rate? and if so pm with some ideas of your rates that you would charge per hour of shop time..thanks i had to do several setups to get this...