dovetail jig

  1. Al killian

    Leigh DT jig?

    Finally got enough time at home to work on getting the roof on the shop. What I am in need of is a new dt jig. My old one is going on 4 yrs old and not very accurate anymore. Any thoughts on the Leigh 18 model. Anyone have experince with this one or others of the same quality? Have a few small...
  2. Roger Tulk

    MLCS box joint jig BNIB

    Because of some confusion in purchasing from MLCS, I ended up with an extra ¼" box joint jig for a "Pins and Tails Dovetail Jig" from MLCS. It is worth about $25 new. I am offering it for $10 plus shipping by Canada Post, or trade for a ¼" dovetail jig for the same product. If this ad hangs...
  3. M

    Akeda BC24 Dovetail Jig

    My Akeda BC24 arrived last week. I was just waiting for the accessory C-kit, with all the bits and guide pins, to get started. That finally came yesterday. I had the new 24 inch PC Omnijig, but was frustrated with the time to set-up and having to make multiple test cuts to get it dialed in. I...