1. R

    Replacing drawer bottoms

    Hi, I wonder if anyone could offer some advice. I want to replace the bottom of some drawers with something a little thicker. If I do this how would it be best to make the slots that the current boards go into wider to accommodate a thicker piece of mdf? Thanks in advance!
  2. larry merlau

    Drawer Construction..

    How do you make your drawers, here is one obstacle that i am having that normally i dont have.. i have 15 drawer frnts that need to be approx. 8.75 wide and that width can cause two major problems, the first one is the availability of that width of lumber that matches somewhat close, and then...
  3. Darren Wright

    Cookie sheet pullout

    I've spent most of my life pulling the cookie sheets out of the bottom drawer of the oven or the oven itself. Since I've got some extra full extension drawer glides, I decided to make a pull-out for the cookie sheets. Here's the cabinet that will house the pull-out. I'll be removing the shelf...