1. B

    Need to Piano finish a subwoofer

    I have a long time project pending, building a subwoofer for my basement. The basic construction is complete, but I am lost at finishing it. I need it to be black piano finish but I dont know where to start. Additionally my subwoofer surface has lot of nicks and dents. Can someone please guide...
  2. Michael Hult

    pine outdoor furniture finishing

    Hi, I want to build a bunch of outdoor deck furniture out of pine but I want to have a darker tone in the color (similar to cedar). Any suggestions on what to use? I was thinking a dark toned laquer?
  3. larry merlau

    A "Thank You" gift

    this was awhile coming, had many things jump ahead of it but i still got it done and delivered to the person that i had promised to repay:) The glass was dismantled for shipping and the shipping folks got me on one panel so it has been replaced by the new owner.. but it made it to the final...