1. Daris Robertson

    Finishing for Bowls

    Hey guys, I'm new to wood turning, but recently turned my first bowl. I finished it with Salad bowl finish, which I've heard is vegetable oil? So question is; what does everyone else use? I want something food safe, but is vegetable / salad bowl finish it? Is bee's wax safe? .
  2. larry merlau

    oil stains from vinly clamp pads

    have others had this and how do you get rid of it and will it cause finish problems?
  3. Frank Townend

    Grizzly Handheld Pneumatic Sander

    Just saw this over at Toolmonger: What do you do if you need to sand a curved project that’s too big to get to your oscillating spindle sander — an assembled piece of furniture, for instance? Most of us aren’t big fans of hand sanding, so this Grizzly Handheld Pneumatic Sander looks pretty...