1. L


    Fun fact .... Mix a bit of acrylic paint with your glue and saw dust to match your wood. Works like a charm! I also apply tape to surrounding area before I glue to help with clean up. Amazon sells this green tape all different thickness real cheap, I think they consider it automotive tape. I use...
  2. J

    Clean glued joints

    Up until recently, I always glued and screwed everything I built: tables, shelves, boxes, outdoor chairs, etc. But, recently I decided to build a nice little box...10"x10" for my 1 year old son to store the poplar 2" letter blocks I made him. So I bought some 4" wide oak boards (never used oak...
  3. Rennie Heuer

    Titebond Date Codes

    For those who wish to know; (Per Titebond) - In March of 2009, we switched to the new lot numbering system. The new one is: The first digit represents A for America (made in), the second digit is the last digit of the year of manufacture, the third and fourth digits represent the month, the...