1. L


    I'm looking for a lift up top hinge that has a push to lift feature or how could I modify a set to have the ability? Picture for reference
  2. D

    Special Hinges needed

    What I’m looking for are these hinges. The table I’m restoring is a folding top table. The top rotates 90 degrees and folds over. The picture is of hinges I found on Alibaba and the cost in only $18.50 a pair. I need three hinges rather than two pairs. That’s still not bad but the shipping is...
  3. M

    What type of hinge to use?

    I am building an aquarium stand to fit a square aquarium with a 36"x36" base. Part of the design uses 4x4 corners Here is a rough outline of the bottom structure My issue is I want the finished look to have doors that run right to the edge so that each side has two doors that then encompass...
  4. larry merlau

    A "Thank You" gift

    this was awhile coming, had many things jump ahead of it but i still got it done and delivered to the person that i had promised to repay:) The glass was dismantled for shipping and the shipping folks got me on one panel so it has been replaced by the new owner.. but it made it to the final...