1. Mike Mathieu

    Custom Intarsia Frame

    Hi Everyone Last year I did the restoration of an 1860's love seat for a client which had a Grape Motif along the top. The same client wanted to incorporate the Motif into a frame This is the top section of a fairly large frame (24" x 30") made from cherry with the Custom Intarsia Inlay...
  2. Mike Mathieu

    Custom Beer Tap Handle

    Hi Everyone This is a Custom Beer Tap Handle of the Hamilton Crest I just completed. Overall dimensions are 8 1/2" tall x 3.75" wide. Walnut Stem and Head. The Intarsia consists of 60 pieces from 9 different woods. The biggest challenge on this project (besides working with lots of little...
  3. Mike Mathieu

    My Newest Intarsia Box

    Hi Everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR Here are a few WIP pictures of my newest Intarsia Box Commission. I had to modify my original Buffalo Box pattern to add the logo on the top and the little dog and cat at the bottom. This is my original Buffalo Box. Here is the revised pattern Here is a little...
  4. Mike Mathieu

    "Eagle's Realm" Intarsia

    Hi Everyone Been a while since I’ve posted any new intarsia but here is a sneak peek of my newest commission. Titled—”Eagle’s Realm” it sits in a 16” x 20” cherry frame with purpleheart inlay. Woods used so far; Walnut, Holly, Ebony, Yellowheart, Spalted Beech, Fishtail Oak,Spalted Sycamore...
  5. Mike Mathieu

    Bear Box Intarsia

    Hi everyone I was recently commissioned to do a keepsake box for a client in Jasper ,Ga for a 70th birthday gift. This was the subject photo to be used for the intarsia on the lid of the box This is the pattern that I drew , adding a few new details and modifications. And here are the pics...
  6. Mike Mathieu

    New to this forum

    Hi everyone My name is Mike and I live in Midlothian ,Va. I've been lurking around this site for a couple of weeks so I thought I would formally introduce myself. I've been woodworking for over 20 years and am the owner of Woodworking Plus. I do all sorts of woodworking including furniture...