1. E

    Crosscutting jig for repetitive small work, request for comments.

    Hi all, I jumbled together this jig to make a bunch of the same small pieces (for a prototype of a game). Note the riser to protect myself from the blade, especially my left hand that is operating the clamp. I intend to cover the blade completely, that can be done by simply attaching an extra...
  2. Robert Horky

    Adjustable Finger Joint Jig

    I have wanted to try my hand at one of these for a while. Had some time between projects so gave it a go. Made from MDF, hardboard, t-track, a few pocket screws, two thumb knobs. The first set of fingers are all 1/2". So, I gave it a try. Fingers went together with some light mallet...
  3. larry merlau

    Sanding reversed grain

    this was a trick i thought of to help me out in a pinch and it saved time and made the procedure safer for the final out come.. this was what i had to deal with to get sanded ready for finish. the saw is just a jamb saw that reverses for the other side when doing flooring or other uses. worked...
  4. larry merlau

    Plywood cutting jig

    here is what makes a third hand for me in breaking down plywood, made from scrounged parts that are readily available and used some yankee ingenuity and ideas seen elsewhere in others shops or magazines. sets up quick with the use of my scrap barrel. dismantles easily and realigns with...
  5. Darren Wright

    SWAP - Shop made tool or jig - poll added

    I've had on my list to make a few tools and jigs to use around the shop. I thought something like that might make for a good swap here on the forum. So what I'm proposing is that not only do those that participate make a jig or tool for themselves, but make two, keep one, ship one to another...
  6. J

    Bevel Sled

    I am looking for plans for a jig that will allow me to cut bevels (45°) on my table saw leaving my blade at 90°. I have seen a couple of different jigs like this but so far I have not found any plans for making one. If anyone has plans or instructions to make one I would be really happy to get...
  7. D

    Open Segmented Bowl Jig

    I made an open segmented bowl jig, from ideas that I got on line. You can see the jig and the first bowl that I made with it (and the problems) at my web site http://dennyedwards.com.
  8. larry merlau

    How to cut Tenons

    ok how do you cut your tenons for a mortice? jig or by hand with a bandsaw or hand saw, table saw? show us your method and tell us why yu choose this way.