1. P

    Logs to boards

    I have several logs about 4 ft. long. The wood is Russian Olive. The thickness varies from 5-10 inches. I contacted a local saw mill and they said they are too short to run through their mill. I would like to turn these into boards of 3/4 thickness....width obviously would vary. I've...
  2. Jim Niemi

    Looking for a Sawyer

    I have 18 logs here I need to have milled into useable lumber. I have found out that our normal sawyer has retired from sawing timbers.:( So I am looking for a sawyer with a woodmizer portable sawmill to mill these up for me. I am in SW Michigan. Any ideas?:huh: The logs are as follows. 2...
  3. Jeff Bower

    Maple Log Tables

    Back in May a good friend told me he wanted to build a new computer for me. He had just moved to start a new job, with his family still back in Des Moines until the shcool year ended and was bored at night. He built it before I had asked him what the cost would be and when he gave it to me he...