1. John Daugherty

    lumber cart

    I'm trying to be a little more organized and getting the cutoffs in one location will help. I made this lumber cart based off plans that Steve Ramsey of Woodworking for Mere Mortals has on his site. Like most I have the I can use that for something mentality!:) I probably could have made it...
  2. Al killian

    FAS red oak 4sale

    I am going to be cleaing out the shop and geeting it ready for conrete. One of the biggest problems i have is a large lot of red oak sitting in my storage area where the machines need to go into. So, I am goig to offer up a chance for anyone within say 30 miles a chance to get some red oak. I...
  3. G

    Curly Maple Lumber

    I have 200 BF of Curly Maple Lumber with heavy curl 15/16 and more coming soon. If anyone would like to get some, take all you want at $8.00 a bf I can discount it if you get enough of it. Or I can even ship it to you and in some cases I can even offer delivery. Chattanooga / East Ridge Tn...