1. F

    Joining Hardwood Panels

    Hi Folks, I found some 1/2” thick 4” x 96” hardwood panels that I wood like to use for wood paneling. I am fairly new to Woodworking, but I have a good router and router table, also a R4512 table saw. I know that tong and grove is an option, but the wood I am using (Macacauba) is hard and a...
  2. D

    Recovering brick fireplace with wood

    We have an enormous brick fireplace we'd like to cover in wood like the image attached. I know there are many opinions about the best way to attach wood to brick, so I'm curious what you would do? Also, does anyone foresee problems I'm probably overlooking? Like is it a fire code violation?
  3. larry merlau

    pre finish or not

    you have a project with panels in it, do you prefinish it or just finish together? do you glue in panels or leave them loose?