1. Darren Wright

    Free plans flat and spinney stuff

    I came across this site tonight, thought it was worth a share. Saw several projects I'm going to consider making. I want to give these scoops a try... Some easel and art equipment plans also...
  2. Daris Robertson

    Project Plans Listing

    Hey guys, I tried to assemble a list of free and pay project plans over at my blog site. I've used several of these sites to get some ideas. Hope this helps... Cheers...
  3. M

    Drafting Table

    I have a home office that is begging for a nice drafting table. At one time I saw a plan for a split top table, with ~ 2/3 of the surface able to tip for drawing, and the remaining part a short desk for a laptop, a set of drawers beneath the fixed part of the top. Has anyone seen any plans for...
  4. Carol Reed

    Organ build

    I was indeed fascinated with Jay's street organs. So much so that I emailed John Smith regarding plans. Now I need to decide whether to tackle the original Busker or the Senior. I am not clear exactly what the differences are. Jay, or anybody else, did you build either or both? I know they...