1. Robert Horky

    Drill Press Cabinet

    Nothing fancy but highly functional. Push to open drawers so no pulls needed. Pocket screws for the box construction. Simply sets on the base of the drill press and can be slid off if need be. Now just have to put on some finish and fill it up. Thanks for looking.
  2. larry merlau

    Plywood cutting jig

    here is what makes a third hand for me in breaking down plywood, made from scrounged parts that are readily available and used some yankee ingenuity and ideas seen elsewhere in others shops or magazines. sets up quick with the use of my scrap barrel. dismantles easily and realigns with...
  3. larry merlau

    Breaking down plywood

    ok as we age we finally acquire some wisdom.. well i think i am old enough but havnt found it yet.. i dont have the fancy track systems out there for doing it and dont have a panel saw either.. so i am still laying on the TSaw and doing it the way i was shown but without the other set of hands i...
  4. Lloyd Kerry

    hello from PEI, Canada

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, but it looks interesting and one can never learn too much. I'm in eastern Canada, and have been doing woodworking for about 30 years. It is mostly self-taught and I do mostly cabinetmaking. I've come up with a new invention to help my fellow woodworkers transport...
  5. Lloyd Kerry

    Keep your plywood dry in the back of your pickup!

    Oops...Lloyd intended to post this in the Commercial Post Zone instead of the Classified Ads. Here's a link to his post:
  6. Al killian

    MDF core ply?

    I have a few cabinet jobs lined up and was told mdf core ply is a good choice for this. Has anyone used and comment on it? It is almost half the cost of standard ply. The second cabinet job is easy, it is paint grade basic cabinets.