red oak

  1. Al killian

    FAS red oak 4sale

    I am going to be cleaing out the shop and geeting it ready for conrete. One of the biggest problems i have is a large lot of red oak sitting in my storage area where the machines need to go into. So, I am goig to offer up a chance for anyone within say 30 miles a chance to get some red oak. I...
  2. Al killian

    TV stand

    A while ago I made a tv stand and asked a few questions. Well I finally remeberd to stop by there house to get a pic. Here is a phone pic This not the finished peice. The owner has not put the back on or installed the feet. The frame is ro and the shelfs are ro ply. Finish is mohawk dark golden...
  3. Al killian

    First floor

    This the first floor out of my shop that I made and installed. All in all it came close to 600sqft of red oak flooring. The pics are bad as they are phone pics. They had pet stained carpet that was soaked thru into the flakeboard flooring. No finish yet. The owner is not sure if they are going...
  4. Al killian

    Source for bun feet

    I am looking to get some bun feet for the up comeing tv stand project. Rockler, Woodcraft, Van Dkye do not seem to have any decent looking ones made out of red oak. Anybody have a good source? I did get my head stock back for my lathe, but my shoulder is still to tender for turning.
  5. Al killian

    quick table

    Here is a simple quick table. It is ro 8/4 legs, 4/4 top and 3" apron.It is for folding cloth in the hotel wash room.
  6. Al killian

    Reproduction carving?

    I get back to the shop today and find the bottom half of a buffett sitting their.:huh::dunno: I asked the wife and she said one of the regulars wants me to bring back to life. It is made from ro and date stamped 1933 june. Will get pics when Mark show up in a few minutes(shop tour,pen blanks). I...