router bits

  1. Darren Wright

    How-To: The Router Bit Organizer in vCarve

    These are the steps I took for creating my router bit organizer ( in vCarve. I assume most of this should apply to some of the other Vectric products others are using here. The setup of my board, which was 12" x 10" x...
  2. F

    Joining Hardwood Panels

    Hi Folks, I found some 1/2” thick 4” x 96” hardwood panels that I wood like to use for wood paneling. I am fairly new to Woodworking, but I have a good router and router table, also a R4512 table saw. I know that tong and grove is an option, but the wood I am using (Macacauba) is hard and a...
  3. larry merlau

    router bits in a shaper?

    ok chuck, brought up a good question, why not use router bits in a shaper? is the 10,ooo rpm not enough to use smaller bits in a shaper? is there anyone out here that has done it, and if so what is your opinion on the outcome? what tooling is needed to get the shaper to accept the router bits?