1. Roger Tulk

    ROS disks

    I have a Black and decker random orbital sander. It's an 8 hole model, and does a decent job of dust extraction when I have 8 hole disks. Lately, the local borg only carries Norton disks with a ring of many 1/8" (approx) holes that is suposed to accommodate both 8 and 5 hole machines. There's...
  2. larry merlau

    Sanding reversed grain

    this was a trick i thought of to help me out in a pinch and it saved time and made the procedure safer for the final out come.. this was what i had to deal with to get sanded ready for finish. the saw is just a jamb saw that reverses for the other side when doing flooring or other uses. worked...
  3. Frank Townend

    Grizzly Handheld Pneumatic Sander

    Just saw this over at Toolmonger: What do you do if you need to sand a curved project that’s too big to get to your oscillating spindle sander — an assembled piece of furniture, for instance? Most of us aren’t big fans of hand sanding, so this Grizzly Handheld Pneumatic Sander looks pretty...