spalted hackberry

  1. Jeff Bower

    Spalted Hackberry Round Obelisk Sculpture

    Yes, that's what I'm calling it...a round obelisk scuplture. :dunno: It's about 20" tall with the base. The finish on the spalted hackberry is 6 or 7 coats of rattle can laquer. The rough sawn oak base was burned with a propane torch and then while it was still a bit hot I put some wax on it and...
  2. Jeff Bower

    A busy day at the lathe!

    Started about 9am and just quit now. I'm tired, but it felt good to get back to the lathe for a long stint. 9 bowls finished with 2 coats of danish oil, and 4 other rough outs. I'm doing a show with me dad on the 22nd so I needed to get a few pieces done. The 4 on the left are oak the middle...
  3. Jeff Bower

    Spalted Hackberry Bowl

    While cleaning up the shop a few weeks ago I found a buried crotch log that my dad gave me last year. I cut it in half and turned this with one side. 11" wide and 4" tall. Finish is danish oil. Just realized I still need to sign it. :doh: As always, comments/critques please. PS...Dad do you...