spalted maple

  1. John Daugherty

    milling a maple

    Started a little milling today with Lucas. This is a 8' x 27" red maple that I've had in my spalting pile for around 2 years. This is a side shot after we knocked most of the bark off , and here's an end shot. You can see the middle had started to rot when it was standing. Here's a couple of...
  2. Jeff Bower

    Big Solid Spalted Maple Side tables.

    Not a lot of fine woodworking skill used here, but they weren't made on a lathe so it's flatwork right?:huh::dunno: Anyway, last fall I mentioned scoring some maple logs. Well, there size worked perfectly for some tables a friend asked me to make. I had made a similar table for her sister last...
  3. Jim DeLaney

    Maple & Walnut Urn

    Made this taper-sided box as an ashes urn for my cousin's cat. Cat's name was Star, hence the star inlay in the lid. The box itself is half inch thick spalted maple, and the lid is walnut with a poplar star inlaid. The box's sides are mitered, and taper at 10°. Size is about 6" squate, and...
  4. Jeff Bower

    Wine Stoppers

    I turned these last week but didn't get any pics until this weekend. 2 walnut, one splated maple. I had plenty of time to take the pics...I set up a booth at the horse show I made the awards for on Saturday. Just a bit slow...sold 1 bowl. Lots of people stopped and said they loved the awards...
  5. Jeff Bower

    Spalted Maple Cutoff Sculpture

    Not sure where to post this...:huh: Anyway, I've saved several pieces of spalted wood from trimming turning stock. It's just too pretty to through away. This is one idea I came up with to use some of it. It's about 15" tall altogether. The base is a scrap piece of rough sawn oak that I...
  6. Jeff Bower

    Wall Hanging - IT'S FINISHED and not a wall hanging anymore!!

    Sorry for the bad pic, but our home computer internet connection has been down for about 2wks and I can only upload pics via my phone. This a first for me...a wall hanging. I'm not sure it's done yet. I think I want to add some sort of carving to the outer rim and maybe staining a small area...
  7. Jeff Bower

    Spalted Maple Bowl

    Here's another thick one from me. It's about 11" X 5" and the finish is 3 coats of danish oil. Comment and critiques are welcome from all! :wave:
  8. Jeff Bower

    A busy day at the lathe!

    Started about 9am and just quit now. I'm tired, but it felt good to get back to the lathe for a long stint. 9 bowls finished with 2 coats of danish oil, and 4 other rough outs. I'm doing a show with me dad on the 22nd so I needed to get a few pieces done. The 4 on the left are oak the middle...
  9. Jeff Bower

    Spalted Maple Natural Edge Bowls

    I'm almost out of my first wood score from just over 2yrs ago. I saw a HUGE maple that had been cut into good size chunks and I took as much as I could. Some of it rotted, but some of it spalted nicely and these two bowls are from some of the last of it. The big one is 11" and the smaller one is...