1. John Daugherty

    lathe area redo

    I redid my lathe area the other day. I had a bed extension on the lathe and used the extra capacity maybe twice in the last couple of years. I had the grinder across the shop on another cabinet. I took the extension off and brought the grinder to the lathe bench. I built the back so I could...
  2. M

    What type of hinge to use?

    I am building an aquarium stand to fit a square aquarium with a 36"x36" base. Part of the design uses 4x4 corners Here is a rough outline of the bottom structure My issue is I want the finished look to have doors that run right to the edge so that each side has two doors that then encompass...
  3. Drew Watson

    Lathe tool rack

    I bought a tool roll bag from LV as something temporary to keep the turning tools in but it just seems to trap all the wood chips and curlies. So I was thinking of building something more practicle. I have some ideas but thought I would ask all the turners out there what you use or have built. I...